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JD Nov 2021
Feeling the numbness in my chest
My lifeless limbs walk and wave
My face forces expressions to feel normal
My lips form words that are foreign to my natural tongue
Nothing is real to my mind
Its on auto pilot
JD Nov 2021
I put up walls higher than Chinas
I have stitches from past traumas
Trust became my enemy
Love made me a widower
My heart stopped
But my eyes are still open
I dont want to die
But I think im dead anyways
JD Oct 2021
This is my 100th love poem
And your name is always the first thing that pops into my head

Like a racing horse, my mind runs laps on how our first 50 years together will be like

Our first touch reminds me, that the present is where I wanna be

As my hand interlocks with yours and your soft lips are inches away from mine

Time slows down and the world ceases to exist
JD Oct 2021
Its been a year since my character cracked
I locked away the pain
So I could keep myself sane
I remind myself that pain is temporary
But then the truth itches when I rub my scars in my heart.
JD Jul 2020
I walk around this big empty room
That was once loud
I used to hear the sound of laughter
Now a deafening silence consumes it
I touch the walls
The soft touch of romantic intimacy
Numb to my fingertips
The shine from your perfectly curved smile
Diminished and I am then blind in the dark
As I walk out the room
I close the door behind me
I lock it and as I walk away
I turn around to look at the door one more time
“Heart” was written on it
JD Jul 2020
Keep pushing
Even if it comes down to just crawling
Keep pushing
Push for a real smile
Push for a better mindset
Push for a stronger heart
Push for a better you
JD May 2020
When blue has the ocean and sky
Whats does black have?
When orange and red has the sunset
What does black have?
When yellow has the sun and white has the moon
What could black possibly have?
Well...if you look past it all.
Black has the stars that light up the night sky
The planets that surround our biggest star
And the galaxy that houses our home
Thats what black has...
JD Jan 2020
I could write a million poems
I could say a million cute things
I could give you a million gifts
None of that matters because in that one moment when I first kissed you
I knew I could give you my one heart
And thats the most valuable thing I can give you
JD Jan 2020
As your roots bury deep into my memory
We both take a journey through the pain
Through the madness
But through the tears
Comes growth
And as we grow tall towards the sky
We bloom
Like a sunflower
JD Jan 2020
Through your beautiful glass eyes
I see the night sky
The universe in my arms
Weeping comets
I hold her tighter to feel the sun in her chest
The warm feeling from her touch
Keeps me falling more into her love
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