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Johnny walker Dec 2018
Today I took a good look Inside my heart and now
I no for sure, If I dont move from this time that I'm In
I'll will die a sad and lonely old man for I've done all I can, and can't do any more but to keep your memory alive
My promise too you for that's what I'll do and never let go, you're hear In my heart I swear to you that's where you'll always
But my darling I have to move on for If I dont and  stay all
I'll surely will die that of broken old man so Helen please I beg find a place In your
To forgive your  sad old man for I have too live on but cant live entirely
Helen forgive me I beg you I can't live my life entirely alone
But will keep my promise to I will keep you memory alive I'll never let go, but will die if I dont move on
A M Ryder Aug 2018
You ever try counting the stars?
I can't ever get the same number twice
They keep changing on me
I'm not even entirely sure what a star is
Well my body knows,
It's my mind that has forgot
Yusof Asnan May 2018
She began to
Whether it was a
mere coincidence;
Or they were
fated entirely.

Wyatt Mar 2017
Is it better
to rewind
or erase
the things deep down
you want to eliminate?
How would it go? Which one?
Äŧül Oct 2016
Every minute I will wait for you,
I am sure you will make it worthwhile,
Because I am truly entirely yours.
HP Poem #1173
©Atul Kaushal
Colette Jun 2014
and i
to lose
in you.
Colette May 2014
Your eyes are like the infinite night,
me getting lost in those eyes that are of the abyss of darkness.

Your voice speaks like constellations,
always searching of you,
getting lost in the pretty of you.

Your whole existence makes me crave of you,
like how the stars and moons are alike.

You entirely,
is mine as to how the stars belong to the night sky,
as to how the night shades over the lonely ones,
as to how the planets are lined one another.
doesn't make sense but I am in love with constellations.

— The End —