Ron Richards Jun 24

thank you for all the support you gave to me,
although i left the music industry long time ago,
some of you still remember who i am like decades ago,
we still talked even i was missing for a while,
i made this poetry and goes to you the fans,
i couldn't express the amount of love you have given to me.

i make  internet videos  to have fun with you guys,
its all i can do is let them know they hanging with someone,
that still kicking for all these years,
thank you f or all the gift you given me,
without you  my career doesn't exist,
i can only say a millions of words about you guys.

i know i don't reveal who i am yet,
someday you know who i am,
what i do in the past and the amount of contribution i give,
its not much but its how i can return the favor.

i remember when i had ups and down,
you guys where there to give me motivation,
i pick up whatever pieces i had left,
even tho i messed up an empire that i created,

i remembered when i travel world,
and dated a fan she meant a world to me,
although that relationship didn't last long,
we broke up on a two year relationship,
but we still friends,
i cant express how much i love my fans,
things we go through together,
and create art together,
i couldn't thank you enough,
thank you for being there for me.

a letter to my fans all around the world new and old thank you for supporting me i took time to wrote this poetry last night it took me a good hour to remember things.
Brent Kincaid Nov 2016

At the risk of egotistically bragging
I love when my poems start trending.
I love knowing when I post a rhyme
That it’s not simply a sort of ending.
It tickles me to see that this one
Will still be in the universe out there
And won’t just be words that slip away;
The world at large isn’t unaware.

I love that so may people like the words
And so often react with love and sharing
Whether my poem is funny, or even sad
And perhaps sometimes extremely daring.
Sometimes it’s because I have written
What has long needed to be said,
And often because I did not leave
Ideas in my path as if they were dead.

Other times, I just take a chance
In the fervent  hope I am conveying
Something brand new and exciting;
Something that really needed saying.
It reinvigorates me to keep on writing
And authorizes what I am feeling.
It boosts up my self-esteem so much
That it sends me senses reeling.

So thank you, my readership all,
And take this sentence seriously,
I read every comment through.
Sometimes I laugh deliriously.
This kind of acceptance from you
Affects me more strongly than a drug.
Please take my heartfelt thanks
And a great big literary hug.

Kir Aug 2016

I used to love you so much
I love to picture you in my imagination
I love to picture us together

But little did I realize
That i'm in love with the you
That were in my head
That only exist in my imagination
The us that I only think by myself

Then I met the real you
The you who full of spotlight
The you who sparkles
The you who has a galaxy in your eyes

You're so close, yet so far
doesn't sound cliche anymore to me

You're too mesmerizing
I'm afraid to see you
I'm afraid to fall for you
I'm afraid to get closer
I'm afraid that I can only picture us together in my head

Where you would never know
Where you would never understand


Styles Aug 2016

I whisper to you
             words that touch your body
                           teasing you with mentally
                                     enticing you physically
                                               holding your attention
                                                      like it was given to me.
                                                          Painting a picture so vividly;

Chirayu Writer Jun 2016

A winner
He was, He is
he will be forever!..
(You have never gone anywhere you are always in hearts of all the fans!.)

Rip MuhammadAli
Keith Manzano May 2016

Dear Mr.M,
we trusted you,
we loved you,
we cared for you,
we defended you,
but all you did,
was to break us.
She loved you,
but you left her alone,
just to be with the other.

your ex-fans."

just putting out my thoughts about someone.

I would like to thank all of my fans
In the department stores
Thanks for being there
It means a great deal.

I honestly mean it. I thank all my followers for following me.
Ann M Johnson Oct 2015

Hey Princess my name is Han, I picture us together in a Galaxy Far Far Away
I  promise you adventure to say the least
I'm not saying the courtship will be all filled with peace
I will fly you in a spaceship which is very nice
I hope you are able to withstand some strife
I have to let you know  that I have a kind of pet he is quite unique
He is a Wookie  you may in fact rather kiss him than me
If my mannerisms get under your skin
I feel I should warn you about the competition that is interested in You
I heard about a fat ugly guy named Jabba The Hut, he might even want to imprison you
Well I heard you once were interested in your brother, I am willing to overlook that fact
I can tell you that dating me is not boring to say the least
We will fight against The Empire and you will get to meet many Jedi Knights
You and I together will have to dodge fire from Storm trooper  guns
Not to mention the dictator Darth Vader wants to kill both me and you
I will let you know if this don't appeal to you or sound like to much fun
You could date a certain doctor named DR. Who and see were he and his Tardis might take you.

This is dedicated to some friends of mine who are big science fiction fans, and my daughter who likes DR. Who
I also give credit to George Lucas who created the Star Wars films and Whoever created DR. Who
#science   #star   #personal   #wars   #fiction   #ad

Reposting due to new Star Wars Movie
Sophia Marie Aug 2015

Music, like an everyday-medicine, we take.
The text-- to our hearts-- sometimes tastes,
Bitter it is, still we devour, as if its a cake.
Bitter, how you need peace, it betrays.

To most of you,
Music is about what meaning lies behind.
To most of you,
Music is all about the soothing rythm you find.

But to a too broken person,
Who found voices that express,
An extraordinary love was born,
A love that--once felt--is hard to surpress.

We are the broken people you call immature,
Just for 'obssesing' over something out of your nature.
We are the broken people whom you judge,
But who are we to hold a grudge?

Id like to take this opputunity,
To inform an array that critisize,
We are not in the least guilty,
For dedicating something to those who saved our lives.

But for the record,
We, fans do feel.
Being respected,
Will be very much appreciated.

Rockie May 2015

I often wonder what it's like,
To have a led a very different life,
Where camera flashes
And fans gate crashing concerts
Are really rather normal;
A life where sword throwing
And fire eating
Is how you earn your livings;
A journey where you are enrolled in other lives
And act a million more;
A destination, a goal, a life,
Where it isn't just plain old me.

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