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moon Apr 23
there was one night when i got home from work.
my family was getting ready to go to sleep while i was just barely taking off my shoes.
i dragged my body up the stairs and into my room where i leaned against my doorway.
it was thanksgiving.
my older sister began telling me everything i missed and i began to relive my work day.
something in my chest began to feel heavy.
and once again,
i needed a hug.
my mouth felt zipped,
i couldn't open it if i tried.
i remember slowly falling to my knees.
still in my work clothes,
i began to cry.
oh how badly i wanted to spend this holiday with my family,
oh how badly i just wanted that day to be over so i could consider it the past.
the present felt like a sharp pain in my chest.
i closed my eyes as tears made their way down my face.
in that quiet, painful moment
i felt arms around me.
i let myself go completely.
the silent tears turned into sobs as my head dug into my older sisters shoulder.
she rubbed my back and told me i did good, that she was proud of me,
that i did well.
inspiration from the end of a day by jonghyun
moon Jan 10
you were on the other side of the mirror,
our hands followed each other.
i wanted to reach in front of me for you.
your eye filled with sadness and emptiness.
i just wanted to hold you.
slowly and slowly,
you faded away.
my throat closed up and the tip of my nose stung when i could no longer see you.
for once,
come back to me.
hold my hand and i'll tell you you'll be okay.
don't be far away.
now all i can do is share the moon with you.
who's holding your hand now?
who's comforting you when you feel alone?
don't leave me alone.
inspired by i'm crying by taemin
moon Jan 10
the constant war in my head couldn't bring you back,
what could i do to bring you back?
you're so far away from me
yet so close.
if i reached my hand out to you,
would you take it?
can i turn back time to when you were here with me?
inspired by snow flower by taemin
y'ay'a Dec 2018
a year's passed us by,
i'm still not ready to say
goodbye. i love you.

a year's passed us by,
i'm still not ready to say
goodbye. i need you.

a year's passed us by,
but you're still here by my side.
always be with you.
jonghyun, i love you
y'ay'a Dec 2018
missing you comes in waves
and i drown in them every time
Sora Aug 2018
Every night I look up to the sky
wondering if you see me
I talk with my face to space
wondering if you hear me

Every night I look at the stars
looking for the brightest one
because I know that that's you
you will always shine the brightest

Every night I ask you if you're alright
you deserve to be
because you did well
and you work hard
you deserve to know that

Every night I tell you that you're worth it
that you fought so well
and that I will never leave your side
because you're not alone

Every night I ask myself
why it still hurts so much
this aching pain inside my heart
no matter what I do
it isn't fading

Every night the tears stream down my face
while listening to your beautiful songs
Breath, Lonely, End of a Day
they all say how you really felt

Every night I feel sorry
that I couldn't erase your pain
I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you
even when you screamed for help in your songs
we still didn't hear it

Every night I realise
you made me happy
you made we laugh
even though you were in pain
you still made me smile

Every night I wonder
if you're finally at peace now
no more tears, no more pain
just happiness and love

Every night I thank you
for the beautiful memories
and for the meaningful songs you left behind
I will treasure it forever

Every night I hope that you're looking down
watching over us
looking back at the beautiful memories you made here
with your members, family, friends and fans

And every night I tell you that I love you
I love you Jonghyun-ah
moon Jul 2018
flowers and bright and light and love,
so much love,
and the people that i would die for in less than a heartbeat.
so much love and smiles.
this dark room holds so much light that feels like hope when it touches my heart.
and you,
you are the stars and beautiful autumn days.
you are loving and living inside every action i do,
i do it all for you.
this life doesn't seem scary right now.
and this pearl aqua color that consumes the blood in my veins in the most beautiful way.
i'm alive and i'm breathing and in this moment,
there is no hurt.
in this moment,
there is no worry or fear of what's to come.
my life, right here, right now,
is flowers and aqua blue and love and warmth and life and
Trish Jun 2018
tick to the tock
arms move in the clock
sheets of month
been removed from calendar

angel descends to heaven
people still remembers him
still sparkles in the sky
beautifully as it always seem

voice that still echoes in my mind
songs written still plays in my heart
life that became a novel we read
without doubt, he is still here

with all the unfinished page
they fill it up as they think of him
doubts visits from time to time
but as long as they believe, they can

pitched dark roads
lost motivation
a light shines upon them
they remember him, once again
I watched the newly released song of SHINee "Our Page" I got inspired as it was written for Jonghyun a member of them who passed away last December 2017. I read the lyrics and the mood in the mv got me inspired. I made the poem after listening for 3 times
moon Apr 2018
where are you?
are you wondering through the streets of dubai or japan?
maybe in the forests of colorado?
do you smile looking down at us?
there are moments where i swear,
you are everything.
i wish i could hold you again.
if i write a letter in a bottle and let it sail,
will you read it?
are you peacefully laying on a cloud helping the sun rise?
do you have control of the color of the sky in the mornings?


i miss you.
instagram // @introawake
Han Jiyu Feb 2018
it's been two months,
yet not a day has gone by without me thinking of you.

you were an angel that had gotten lost and fell on earth.

the angel that none of us deserved,
but needed.

through your beautiful lyrics,
you touched our hearts
and brought fixed our shattered hearts.

you were always so happy,
but you were unhappy

no one noticed your pain,
your screams for help,
your screams for someone to just tell you
that you did an amazing job.

and two months ago,
you found your way back home.
and you brought us the pearl aqua green moon.
i hope you're happy, my dearest rolemodel.
you did well. you did amazing.
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