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My mother told me to leave my mark
wherever I went.
When I asked her what did she mean,
She told me,
How she wanted me to leave
my name and my brand
as a symbol and signature
of my 'identity'.

'Identity', how would it look like...
Will it be tall so that it can
reach success even without climbing up.
Will it be hour-glass with curves
large enough to be liked.
Will it be fair so that it can be lonely too.
Will it be rich so that it can purchase Bugatti and Bentley.
Will it be smart so that it can create its success if it is not provided with any.
Will it be beautiful so that it can make people stop and stare.
Will it be kind so that it heals and saves what has been killed.
Or will it be soft so that it weighs every word before it speaks?

But then my mother told me your identity is 'you'.
But I cannot become my identity because I am not a signature to be looked at or a mark to be left.

So when I looked up in the dictionary
I found how mark is synonymous for
that I got on my sweatpant this morning.
that has covered my neck like a mosaic painting.
that has been carved on my legs by my own hands.
that I have thrown on my parent's name and 'identity'.
that has covered my pages and hands because my pen is broken.
that stays on my heart.
that I have put on myself and let others call me by it.
that I do not have.

My mother told me to leave my mark wherever I went.
But, wherever I went,
I gained one.
Amanda May 7
It is a brand new year
Time refreshing once more
I wonder what changes lie ahead
What 2020 has in store
I wrote this at the beginning of the year obvs haha
xavier thomas Apr 11
Work on you brand God intended for you.
Focus building a team with the same goals as you.

Become an asset with your spouse who believes in your creativity.
Don't come around if you're only a liability.

Key to success is faith, focus, & being fierce.
Not a "9-5" job that includes a 4-year degree.

At the end of the day,
It really is what you know & who you know that becomes important.
Pay attention to all signs & don't forget this message in the morning.
You are way to valuable. Change your life the way you want it to be by any means necessary
All eyes on you
Philomena Jun 2019
I wanna break free from my humanity
I wanna release the animal in me
Break free from your curiosity
You're gonna give me what I need

I've got blood on my hands
No guilt on my conscience
The war in your path, the "*** in your violence"
All of my flaws, I wear 'em with honor
A purple heartbreak for all we've suffered

I am the enemy
Cardboard-Jones Apr 2019
Calling me.
Leaving me messages saying how you’re sorry.
Voice mailbox is full, it’s exhausting.

Texting me.
Repeating feelings you already expressed.
At this point, I don’t know what you expect.

You swear you’ve been going through some changes.
You wanna know what I find strange is?
You were better the way you were.
But you wanted to be somebody.
Made me think I was nobody.
Hooking up with girls at parties.
Only cared when I was departing.
Now I’m becoming somebody.
Now you wanna love my body.
But you shouldn't love nobody.
‘Cause you’re just gonna hurt somebody.

It’s not fair, don’t make me say this.
Don’t try to make me reminisce.
We can’t go back to fish and chips.
We can’t get back that rooftop kiss.

You don’t get it, you don’t get it.
This dream you have of us, forget it.
I’m someone new, someone new.
And you’re just someone that I knew.
When the trouble has come
And chase me with a gun
Makes me feel such as dumb
There is no escape cause i'm blind
but i hope still can see the sun

I try everything but i can't
I try to run
To reach something that i can find
That maybe can replace this numb

I don't need those thumbs
All i need is just the one

Someone please rescue me from this hunt
When i face the valley i just wanna jump
Show me the way so i can stay calm
Teach me how to be bright and shine
Cause i believe a new day will come
And bring me some more fun

The only time I don't feel alone because the Earth is crying too.

Tomorrow, the Sun will appear and everything I feel in this moment will disappear.

Rinse my soul and I shall be brand new
s a m Jul 2018
You know life is never easy
to stand up and be strong completely.
You fight battles everyday in your way out
and lose things that you love —
makes you crazy.
You step out in your ground just to break free
but your heart was stuck in your memories.
You think you will never make it
so you give up tryin' to be lonely.
But you know,
you could change it
if you believe that you can —
you can make it.
Be the new version that you wanted,
it's never too late to be the real you.

Noises in Mind, Copyright © 2014
Sam N. de la Rosa
All rights reserved.
It's never too late to be the real you.
cait-cait Jun 2018
ive worn a brand my entire life
that’s been
stamped across my forehead.

i believe that
everyone can see it,
painted red with little girl blood.

all my life people have taken chunks
from me, and all my life,
i’ve given people chunks.

i believe that maybe if i were different
i would be perfect.
im cruel, and im sorry.
I’ve never felt comfortable my entire life and i just realized it’s killing me. I did something I might get in trouble for and I’m scared.
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