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AAron Roz Sep 2018
Have you ever played Mash?
It's where you write down random things, then by chance, you get them.
I am married to the class clown.
We have one kid, and we live in Iran.
I work at subway, and we own an apartment.

So what's your mashed up life like?
AAron Roz Aug 2018
i take too much;

when will I learn?
AAron Roz Aug 2018
My best friend lost his virginity to me.
It was two weeks ago.
We've had *** quite more often, though.
He got ****** at one of my life long habits.
I lost my best friend a few days later.
AAron Roz Aug 2018

Do you love me?


Do you promise?

                               …I promise...
AAron Roz Aug 2018
I want someone to pull me close,
and sneak up behind me to hug me.

I want someone to kiss me with no tongue,
and draw a line down my neck with their lips.

I want someone to be there,
and never leave.

I want someone,
AAron Roz Aug 2018
You made me feel whole.
You made me feel loved.
You made me feel me.

You made me feel different.
You made me feel hated.
You made me feel broken.
AAron Roz Aug 2018
I want to get lost,
but not without Him.
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