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Oskar Erikson Jun 2019
what happens to the pieces left over after healing?
i'll put them up to be sold.
maybe it's immoral to try reap a profit from feeling
but you'll cherish what i can no longer hold.
Mary Frances Oct 2018
We started with sweet,
sensual exchange of words.
But instead of ending up
under the sheets,
we ended up with broken hearts.
Andrew Rueter Jul 2017
My tires went over the cracks in the road
As I drove by people standing on the sidewalk
Exchanging words, emotions, dreams
I passed them on my way to the cul-de-sac
To exchange money, drugs, humanity
The pedestrians penetrated me
With piercing eyes of persecution
They thought they hated me for being there
But their hatred is what led me there
They injected hatred into my life
The way I injected ****** into my arm
They injected banality into my life
The way I injected ****** into my brain
They injected austerity into my life
The way I injected ****** into my heart
They prayed that my sedation was of a more permanent nature
Before that they prayed for the permanent sedation
of my ****** nature
Wanting me to be fully awake
But not fully alive
They snuck into my mind
And exchanged emotions with emptiness
I snuck into their house
And exchanged furniture with emptiness
They exchanged words with the police
Who exchanged my freedom
For everyone else's peace of mind
But the exchange between the excommunicated
Exacerbated my exiled existence
The steel bars placed before me
Paled in comparison
To the bars that surrounded my heart
And faded from memory
When the Xanax bars entered my system
Until I couldn't walk anymore
Making me Professor X
Hiding out with the other mutants
Trying to lecture the world
That zombies turn to demons
If the exchange isn't examined
When they exit their enclosure
Sidewalk standers turn to explanations more elementary
Eliminating empathy
While elevating themselves above us
This is the epitome of our exchange
no money or things
that can buy goodwill,
in exchange,
only itself can
buy it.

i have a friend (dunnow if he think me in that way) that think he can buy my goodwill.
he gave me things and i know that it is the change for my goodwill for him and it sadden me.
emmie cosgrove Jun 2018
The lacy touch of your fingers upon my *******
The soft touch of your smooth lips upon mine
Now lay between the empty bed sheets
Stained with time
The spilt tears
The endless fears
The lacy touch of your fingers upon her *******
The soft touch of your smooth lips against her hips
Now lay covered under the fresh bed sheets
Stained with your crime
Was I nothing more but a doll to play with?
Some sort of toy that you could just dispose of as time went on?
I looked into your eyes
I thought I saw your soul
Now I hope that she can see the truth;
You pick us out at random like a raffle ticket
And if the prize you receive does not please you

Then the exchange shall be soon
trf Apr 2018
You're the needle ***** to our contraception
your seed swims sick through tunnel vision
you contradict your contradictions
direct your horses to Gallup opinion

Take a sip from your golden chalice
you've poisoned our wine with Iocane powders
your time ticks of Lyme diseased malice
fictitious fortunes, SEC counts the hours

Oh Lord I pray this won't sleep off
Oh Lord I pray this won't sleep off
For You
orange spray tan on white bed sheets
Desired Dreamer Jan 2018
Hand Shook,"Strangers Became Friends";
Eyes Met, Feelings Exchanged,"Friends Became Lovers";
And Now,"Strangers Once Again";
Ella Nov 2017
What did I do to deserve a life like this?
I don't remember doing anything so wrong

Everyone around me is always so happy and cheerful but then I'm just left in the corner
Do I have to suffer in exchange of everyone's happiness?
Is that what's going on?

It would make more sense if it were that way
Since you kissed me I have lost everything to you. Those scarlet lips was carved beautifully; your brown eyes and its exquisite complexion captivates me; and your voice lit up something inside me

I am astonished by your beauty, like an art
Everything that you say inspires me, like a spell
I want all of you only for myself, like an egoist

I wonder if my eyes are too naïve sometimes
You kept saying that you are not good enough; you are not pretty, and you are not just the way I see you.
You know I am just happy to see you—feel insecure
With that I could have you
All for my self
Jemma Jul 2016
They call it *** for tat
I call it an exchange for that…

That favor you owed me
Oh, did you think that was free?

Do you really think it’s fair for you to take what’s mine
Yet if I ask for it back it’s not fine

Do you think it’s okay for me to show you respect
Yet when I ask for it in return you just continue to neglect

Neglect me, my wants and my needs
But yet I should stroke your ego and plant unwanted seeds

I don’t mean to be rude but I need to keep it real
If you don’t mind, I need something I can feel

I’m gonna need some reciprocity
Just give me a little hope and positivity
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