Feb 11 Desired Dreamer
Kay P
I need kisses
like a fish needs colored rocks
and a bear needs honey

I need it like
eyes need sunglasses
and skin needs sunscreen

Like people need chocolate
or french fries or fried food
or fast wi-fi or vacation

The thing about needing
- I don't
- It'd be nice though
September 15th, 2015
Darling,My Demons,
they lost their
way in your arms...
Here I am using Demons as worries...
Beautiful girl with kind eyes;
When the time comes to move on;
She will not hesitate nor blame;
Instead she will feel the pain,
of late night kisses;
of lips once filled with love ;
She will remember how your love,
Gave her everything she wished for;
She will remember your touch,
Just like moon light touching,
her soul from the window;
She'll remember your favorite music,your books;
Your morning coffee,Those sleepless,
Nights when your body found peace next to her...

Your kiss was,
A gentle breeze;
Freezing flames of,
Her memories;
Her treachery...

Strangers with memories,
that's all we are.
Like two seashells on a beach,
drifted apart by waves of time.
going our separate ways,
Strangers with memories,
that's all we'll ever be.

After all that strangers with memories that'll we'll ever be...
Staring for quite some time
At this blank white page,
Just like dark clouds
Roaring thunder, bursting rain
My emotions flew
In the form of rage
Once the words left my mind
It was not hard to find
My reason to write
Was definitely not you
I wrote for those few
Who have felt the pain
Same as me
Who have everything to loose
But nothing to gain
Same as me
Who share there feelings,emotions
By wrapping them in these mere words
Their feeling is what gives them worth...
I believe every poetry is an emotion shared by its poet...
Hand Shook,"Strangers Became Friends";
Eyes Met, Feelings Exchanged,"Friends Became Lovers";
And Now,"Strangers Once Again";
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