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Take Me

It all started in my chest,
Like a molten lava thrusts out;
Unbolting the veins and throat,
A raw feeling from the heart.

I cry when it rains;
To hide away my tears.
I laugh when it darkens;
To fight off my pains.

I long long waited to see,
You and I turned to 'we'.
I'm yours please take me,
To the upland; to the deep sea.

I'd vividly recall,
Of all the times I've asked myself;
Yet failed to reconcile,
With what has long eaten me deep.
Who's this demoiselle?
Nothing convincing had ever came up!
Perhaps a noble angel,
Enwrapped in a well reserved human shape.
I Thought
I could resisted these foreign feelings
You never would brought my hard built walls down
I had found an oasis in a desert of nothingness
I could put a choke hold on the universe

I Thought
I would someday be a star and you a sky
I would someday be a tree and you a sun
I would someday be a feet and you an earth
I would find an eternal ecstasy in your ecstasy

I Thought
I would balanced out your weaknesses
I would magnify your strengths
I would make you the truest version of yourself
I would make clouds covet for your will to fly

I Thought
You could water this withering garden inside me
You could nurture this innocent heart of mine
You could feed this starving fragile soul of mine
You could hold even a fraction of what I hold for you

©Fri, 27 July 2018

Here's a message, hope it gets to you,
From  a  frail soul; worn out and blue.

Can’t sleep as it is as hard to breath,
Eyes were as though to flood the earth.

Not the body nor the mind belongs to me,
You called, and thereupon they desert me.

The heart’s forgotten the taste of peace,
Nor can the spirit tell how the sky smells.

Dreary was the idea of you and I,
Pitiful I live on such oversized lie.

Were it I could at all make one plea,
I would request you just set me free.

These nett feelings have cut me deep.
I’ll fold each, neatly, and keep ‘em safe.

©2019 – Muhammad Al-Ghazali
Once a bare footed void boy
No toys. Grew up a scavenger
Forced onto an unending slumber
Little life’s thrown at him to enjoy

His first love’s at archly wrong time
This love unrequited albeit I’d cross
An angry ocean full of hungry sharks
The love given I couldn't pay a dime

No intention’s born to see yesterday
Twere as was days past before
A life methinks a compleat show
Vows left where they can’t stay

Pledged to treasure your memories
Till when death squeezes souls no more
Till when they're farther and farther and so
Are poles away from sunlight and ants

©2019 – m.a.
What Was Lost In False Exchange

Wait. Why was this minstrel running?
Helter-skelter, with no safe place to hide;
A race seemed beyond waters and sand,
The rose he gave thrown onto blazing fire.

Willing to walk 1000 miles and more in a blizzard.
And the wounds I got won’t be healed with a plaster.
Sad still there exist no cure for stupidity.

Love would make one ride on false hope,
Owing the heart and body eternal apology,
Sure, it holds the entire tradition of cruelty;
Town to all forms of joy, pain and despair.

I live on the bank of blissful ignorance  –
Not knowing what’s nor what’s once were.

Fear what you can’t create nor can you force.  
As the sun sets slowly it held the moon closer:
Love is only found in books and in poetry.
Stars perplexed, wind jumbled, oceans standstill;
Even when you gave all they can’t accept?

Ever since I heart the idea of you,
X out were all the senses in me.
Caged by sadness and petulant cry,
Happiness and love are now foreign to me.
And it digs deeper and deeper and deeper:
Now, neither me can change this nor God.
Gathered are these memories, locked up with a tear;
Except what was lost in false exchange.          

©2019 – m.a.
This is about a feeling I carried for someone for years i she never felt the same, or at least anything about me.

— The End —