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Mark Wanless Nov 2021
so the constant din
fervor in my mind is my
own thoughts *******
Akriti Aug 2020
What cannot be yours,
no further shall be desired of.

Sunk into shallow waters,
gone up in smoke,
narrowly ablaze.

Torn to pieces,
unabashedly re-framed.
No matter what you desire of,
at the end must be yours and reclaimed.
Branden Youngs Jan 2019
Increase our heart rate
for old times sake
Teeth in your neck.
Nostalgia through your veins.
Limited hours of dark remain.

**** off our clarity with champagne
before sunrise scares the lust away.
Just Alex Oct 2018
You are so **** pretty
I just want to say
That you manage to charm me
Every single day
With your bronze skin
And caramel eyes
Your short hair
And irresistable smile
Your lips so plump
I want bite when I kiss
Your full *******
And thick hips
Every part of you could be a poem
And every word you say a verse
But I could never do it justice
Less so when you smile at me
and play with my hair
I feel fuzzy when I touch you
And my lips crack a smile
I want to stick to you forever
Your hugs are so **** warm
And lock our hands together
When our fingers intertwine
They seem to match eachother
One made for the others grasp
And I want to trap time in a bottle
That my love for you may never die
But I´ll settle for a poem
Titled with my toughts for you when you ask me
"Why are you looking at me like that?"
Inked Quill Jul 2018
She looked at him
In the dimly lit room
Sensations blooming
At her plush lips
Every inch of flesh
Taken impatiently
His playing hands stroke
His intention clear
The moves playing
Of rhythmic ardor
Inked Quill Jun 2018
It's painful
Not being able
To touch him
Bare fingertips
Eager to kiss him
Taking his essence
Tapping impatiently
Bidding time
So addicted to him
My drug
My necessity
My very base of existence...
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