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Kitten Yvad Sep 29
the little tigers in my heart
roam the den
curious start, what next

rumbling hot breath
like engines of flesh

A smile across my face
slinking angular shoulder blades
curious withdrawn, a mockfight
in their playplace

Slinking  padded sashay
Twitch reflexes about the ears
Rolling every which way

Growling gutteral purrs
like Rosé glasses clinking
in the sunlight of ravishing
forested day

there are tigers in my heart
Clicking purrs resonating
all throughout my hometown

Whoa now
olive caramel limbs glow now

gentle rumble cycles  back 'round

into the sunlight of ravishing
forested day

freshly resonating into my sunbathed dreaming wake
Prerna Apr 26
That pretty face with huge brown eyes,
The petit frame and soft voice,
The epitome of cleanliness and an exact mix of shyness and spice.

That immaculately done nail,
With the ladylike perfume smell.
Enchanting! Is she even human? I couldn't tell.

Perfectly fringed hair,
Walking all over with her "Belle Air"
If someone crosses her path, she wouldn't spare.

The aromatic smell of the delicious food she would cook,
Oh! I never knew The Devil could be so good.
I read it somewhere that Devil doesn't come in red horns and black cape, but it comes in the form of everything you ever yearned for.
Mysidian Bard Apr 2019
An ocean dying
to meet the beautiful shore
just a wave away
"Strangers passing in the street
By chance two separate glances meet"

- Pink Floyd "Echoes"
Brooke P Jun 2018
Why does he get to be happy?
when he should be knee-deep
in regret and repenting
from calling me crazy
and lazy
and blaming any fault on me.

Why does she deserve what I built?
when all I got was a botched love
or something worse than that
compelling me
to feel as if
I don't deserve anything
still ringing true
from his distorted,
gnarled logic.

Why can't I have what they have?
I guess the joke's on me
once again
and I'm left being haunted
by flashes of him in the kitchen
rendering me
feeling all or nothing
overwhelmed or numb.

Why does he get to be happy?
and surely sleep soundly at night
next to her
and dream of the future
that I once dreamt of too,
pried loose
from my unsteady hands.
insomniatrical Mar 2017
I want his hair
I want his eyes
I want his features to be mine.

I want his friends
I want his girl
I want to live his life.

I want to be him,
Because he has her
She makes the world go round
But he doesn't even notice her.

He ignores her.
I adore her,
Does she know I exist?

I would treat her better,
I would make her my world,
If she would only know I exist.

I see the way she looks hopelessly at him,
Eyes full of love.

How I wish I had her love like that
Even her attention would be a marvel to me.

But oh, I cannot have her.
I cannot have her
Nor her words,
Nor her touch or her gaze.

I cannot have her eyes look upon me with that love which she so willingly gives to someone else.

I could never be the apple of her eye,
But here I remain.
I will sit and wait, a lowly apple in the orchard,
Longing for the day when she finally picks me.
EMPstrike Jan 2017
Given a way into the sky,
I don't think I'd fly.
Why should I?
My legs would be useless.

Given a place way out in space,
I'm not sure I'd take.
The change it would make
On my body.
Oh the changes.

   Heaven is peace, Destruction is fate
And both are the same,
Up in that place.

Nothing out there is inherantly bad
Only down here
Can destruction be sad.

Life is so precious,
Covet it so,
Then multiply and smother
The planet we own.

Noone cares but us.
Oskar Erikson Jun 2016
not unlike venom,
is injected.

not ingested.

So perhaps the moment you stop;
this self-induced
grief produced
knife seducing
Searching for another direct vein
will suddenly send you
It's a cotton blouse and a frilly dress
A pair of cats eye specs
That are darer in price than they are as a whole
But for these gorgeous things I'd sell my soul
Slinky malinky leg wax
Hair extensions and wearing Max
That gives money a whole new meaning
My pocket is empty but my wants are teaming
Raye Chung Apr 2014
I have always loved to write
It is a passion and a burden
These flames that reside within me
Burn me raw with envy
The talent I see in others
Rips me apart with yearning
For more
I crave to be beautiful
In these sentences I string
But these words do not feel real
They are but letters on a page
Easily destroyed and forgotten
Yet the works of others are timeless
They exist in another dimension
One that does not age
For they are the gods of poetry
And I am only a mortal
That dreams to be in the heavens
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