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IP Mar 3
am I
sitting in a corner twiddling my thumbs
as they are
moving and shaking and getting things done?
IP Mar 3
I trusted you
If anyone else did what you do
Not only would I erase them from my view
I'd undo any knot that tied us too
I gave you eons of loyalty
but I don't love you
not like I used to
I trusted you
not knowing the voodoo you'd do
IP Feb 15
That magic that enchants you in another
is not specific to the others
IP Feb 14
i sent applications
flooded your mailbox with prayers
would you accept me?
i would've jumped through any hoop
i've always wanted to be a gymnast
but my performance was never good enough
so, tired,
i knocked on the door
and you opened it,
just because you liked me
IP Feb 14
The leaves flew away when the cold wind blew
I wasn't entertaining enough.
The branches seemed okay,
We walked as we talked
And we lived.
I thought we had something...
I went out on a limb and they snapped.
The cold wind blew
And before I knew
What was left to grasp?
Was anything sturdy?
And then came the root.
But by then I could not trust
Even what I knew to be true
I met You..
As the (cold) wind blew
IP Feb 2020
though for years I have tried to be kind
even nice
my tears have been frozen
my blood is like ice
its too late for the words
wish you'd long ago said
the part of me that they'd appealed to is dead
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