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I dream of owning an electric
but to buy one is a dream too

with a price tag of above sixty
how can I get that sort of money in my

I only receive a meagre
and to pay it off would take an

I wonder if Elon Musk could loan me some folding
then I'm sure I'd be financial
Man Jul 2021
it's elon musk
his stiff, frozen corpse hurtling toward the earth
looks like space flight wasn't as grand as an idea as previously thought

the virgins have gone galactic
branson's body as cold as his icy heart
and eyes to match his lifelessness

the bald headed freak's gone bug-eyed!
clearly unprepared for the speed his amazon basic space shuttle hurtles at
as shoddily made as the rest of their ****, the cabinet begins decompressing

why go to the stars
what do you think it is you'll find up there
peace or contentment
are you trying to prove something

you'd think if you'd really want to help humanity you might start on this rock before trying to jump to the next

oh you'll succeed
while the planet you so desperately sought to escape is in the throws of death's spiral
i'm sure it stings your pride to know you'll die before that though
Billions of dollars just to be freakish losers.
-elixir- Aug 2020
The gardens of perfumed bliss
make me stop and stare as the
fumes run through me,
igniting the odes of passion
that once died in the drought
of the wilted roses in my dreams.
the perfumed musk wraps me as I stop in my tracks
Nicholas Feb 2020
Splashes of water to the face
in order to save face.

I don’t think I’m meant for this place
but maybe I’d do better in outer space
if Elon sent me to Mars where I can set up base.
up there would be no rat race,
up there I’d set the pace
and I would lead it with grace

then send me to hyperspace
to see where the chips float.
K Balachandran Feb 2019
thorny screwpines stop,
musky fragrent flowers enchant;
blood scented ecstasy!
K Balachandran Jan 2019
No musk scented air,
Mango trees stand sans flowers;
Angry climate speaks!
K Balachandran Jan 2019
Screwpine’s thorns hurt,
Flowers’ musky scent entice;
Bloodletting pleasure!
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Moonlit sky
Do you try
To lie?

I see through
the treacherous
of time and space

Saturn and Jupiter
make you look
You talk through Uranus

Milky way
You say?
Some day!

saddle bright
ride the horse
Ursa's delight

Witche's curse
Hide dark matter
In your purse

Atom, quark
In New York
Keep your nose on

Big Bang
Big Crunch
Do not mention
The 12th dimension

Let's all send
our cars to Mars!
Maybe the aliens
Will choose ours?
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