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thorny screwpines stop,
musky fragrent flowers enchant;
blood scented ecstasy!
No musk scented air,
Mango trees stand sans flowers;
Angry climate speaks!
Screwpine’s thorns hurt,
Flowers’ musky scent entice;
Bloodletting pleasure!
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Moonlit sky
Do you try
To lie?

I see through
the treacherous
of time and space

Saturn and Jupiter
make you look
You talk through Uranus

Milky way
You say?
Some day!

saddle bright
ride the horse
Ursa's delight

Witche's curse
Hide dark matter
In your purse

Atom, quark
In New York
Keep your nose on

Big Bang
Big Crunch
Do not mention
The 12th dimension

Let's all send
our cars to Mars!
Maybe the aliens
Will choose ours?
Mystic Ink Plus May 2018
That day fragrance said, I’m a Rose

He­ understands,
To handle with care

“Umm, do you got thorns?”,
he asked

No way, fragrance replied

Peace embraced
Gateway to the soul
Essence of the Rose spread

The More
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Rain |  Saturday  |  Free  |  Me  |  What more  |  I wish I could relate
Guden Oct 2017
As we fight against time,
Only your scent survives.
I half remember your smile,
Some ideas too,
The shape of your *******,
The size of your *******,
Some of the marks on your ***** skin.
The smell of your armpit appears in my memory,
Your mouth after countless cigarettes,
Some tobacco,
Some cannabis.
The scent of your perfume
Mixed with salty sweat.
That musk around your belly button
And the smell of waking up with sour kisses,
To much ***** the night before.
I can't remember your eyes,
I had to leave.
K Balachandran Apr 2017
The scent, the garland of fresh  jasmine
bedecked on your enticing coiffure exudes,
tickles desire  for an immediate tight embrace.

Musky aroma of blooms of  yellow Champak,
you  always carry around gets  too heady,
demands at least a passionate kiss quick,
if not an act fully dedicated to cupid,who won't lie.

Listen how breathlessly he suggests, options
that would suit to tastes different, one after the other!
If fragrance enhances love interest,lurking veiled,
why,but why,this discord,my dear? Be bit patient.
Ceyhun Mahi Feb 2017
She spoke to me when it was quite,
In a silky voice late at night,
With hair so dark like skies at dusk,
Perfumed perhaps with scents of musk,
Saying: 'Don't hurry to get right.'
Mystifying Chaos Aug 2016
Smoke and musk and a bit of spice
That was the fragrance of the cologne
He was wearing that night.

Black background and shiny lights..
That's what I saw in his endlessly
Dark charcoal coloured eyes.

Smouldering fire and goosebumps in sight
That's what his hands
On my back felt like.

Electricity shooting up my spine
And rendering me paralysed
That's what I felt when his lips brushed mine.
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