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LostinJapan Jun 2022
Thanks, you said
For being an ally
You meant well
But I felt invisible

My marriage status
Plain, vanilla clothes
And natural appearance
Fueled your assumptions

This Pride month
Must I don rainbows
Or shave my head
To gain acceptance?

When will diversity
Be so universal
That I can truly be myself
Without being mislabeled?
Arlen R Feb 2022
Will I always be the sidenote
In someone else's story
The enby kid pushed to the edges
Away from the glory

Will I always be a supporting role
In every tale that's told
Or will I ever get to be the one
With greater representation shown
Zee May 2021
Everyone's born like an egg,
Unbroken, whole.
We spend our lives trying to break from the shell,
To free ourselves, to become us.

Some peoples shells are pink,
And they come out that way,
And others come out blue or purple or...
empty, colourless, neither pink or blue,
or grey or any hue.

That's me...I left my safe little shell,
I left my pink home,
Expecting to stay me, and I became beutiful,
Colourless and colourful,
A kalaedoscope of beauty and pain and sadness,
and love.
It's an allegory for growing up and descovering you were trans, not my fave but I enjoyed writing!
Skyler Dec 2020
What I thought would be easy
Turned out to be a trial.
I lay curled up feeling queasy.

Frustration, anger. A strong stance.
Is it denial in their faces?
Am I to give another chance?

But as I gaze into your eyes
Those soft, warm orbs bring light,
A fresh breath. I realise.

I shall conform no more
That young girl is gone,
This will not be like before.

Dead is the binary
The girl in the mirror, gone.
Now I see myself. Finally.

Societal chains bear me down
Some days I give in.
Allow myself to drown

In your norms
Your dead ways.
This strange form

Will never fit in,
I quickly realise
No matter the colour of skin.

Yet I gaze in the mirror,
I see myself, finally.
The world looks clearer.
Pt 2 of  Your Binary
Kai Sep 2020
one that is not my own
one a skin I no longer fit
one all my own but older
one new and fresh faced
one that no one ever knows
a list so long I could never find me
a list of them extending beyond all
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