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Pam Milla Aug 2017
The most enchanting of views grasped my conscience by simultaneous never-ending palpitations that slowly but surely circulated through the darkest & most deepest of gardens...

Far and away within those unique datum of charming beats...thousands of charms began to reveal like fireworks in the Sky...

It is an essence that travels so deeply into the air, that the air itself can't help but consume the remaining of the trace it leaves behind with each stroke...

That's the energy that wonders in the air for so long that I can't help myself but not captivate the residuals of the purity of its existence...

It is what it does to me day in...between...and out....
thehiddenwriter Feb 2017
Love is glamorous ,
Love is alluring,
Love is beautiful,
Love is attractive,
Love is elegant,
Love is stylish,
Love is charming,
Love is charismatic,
Love is fascinating,
Love is intriguing,
Love is enchanting,
Love is irresistible,
Love is seductive,
Love is lovely.
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Hari prasad Aug 2016
A kind of feeling in between my mind, completely floating somewhere, soaked by something..
a deepest feel of something ..
makes her seen into my eye sight ...
thinks about her reactions, time spent with her, her scent ..
Things a slowed.. everything around is moving so soft.. very slow..
soothing love song is played deep into my hearts.. very soft music ..
loved to hear it thousands and thousands of times.. enchanting music ..
lovely to think of her and waiting for her reply .. some kind of feel!!!
some kind of a feel.. it is a pure form of love which made me to type this lovely words so slowly and softly with tons and tons of imaginations of her.. I feel this magic now.. so enchanting ...couldn't express more than this because it all can only be felt!
I love her..
only few can understand! :)
ji May 2016
Your words of tender, mellow slur
are furls and wisps of thin, streaming clouds;
       dancing ecstatic,
       swaying hypnotic,
       sailing on the somber oceans of the wind--
then nestling as mist
   at the doors of these still lake lips of mine,
   hankering to swallow and wallow the low-resting, quiet, ambrosial fog.
cassini May 2015
A grandfather clock
Guardian of my dreams
Imagine that.
Chimes to awaken me
Ticking over until dawn
Returning me to lucid memories
But I am conscious
Of this enchanting metronome
Clicking over
Ticking over
Am I asleep?
lily Dec 2014
you're asleep
and i'm staring at you
i'm so transfixed, too spellbound
i touched you with my eyes
from the tips of your hair
to your arm wrapped around me
then i go back to your face again
and i realized that
conscious or not
you still mesmerize me
you still enchant me
Sasha Ranganath Jun 2014
Sprinkled in the sky
Like sugar on the pie,
They twinkle right at me
What a sight to see.
In awe and enchantment
I stand amidst the stars
I am now part of the insanity.
A rush of amusement
A sudden indulgence
Upon me it heaves.
Shooting through the galaxies,
A time warp, so it seems.
No time to weep
Like the darker days
I feel upon me a golden ray.
A touch divine
I've crossed the line.
Turbulence ensues
What is this I'm going through?
A world of surprise
Seen through my eyes
Amazement within.
I've caught a glimpse
That will recur,
The land I call *Isther.
Isther is a name derived from an enchanting land- Idris from The Mortal Instruments and Esther- a young girl who tragically succumbed to cancer and also the inspiration behind The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.
Will you join me?
There's a party on the moon,
A dancing of the stars,
One by one they call out,
Singing to the midnight light.

Everyone is invited to
The party on the moon,
Dreamers dreamt the decorations
Creating the scene for
The perfect dance hall.

So why don't you join me
At the party on the moon--
You can dance all night
And I might save a dance for you,
A dance at the party on the moon.
Ensorcell Definition: to bewitch or enchant.

— The End —