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Tiana Jun 2022
Candle lights and a day long sigh
Gray evening tea resting by
the journal
which's last page I thought I'd pen today;

But I can't seem to narrate,
today's unfolding
about how the world I knew
Put off it’s last enchanting shred;

But this thought suddenly gone faraway
As if blown by the witches wind,
Yes, witches wind I would say
Though this reality was a thunderous cloud, it brought promise of rain;

And I didn't know my heart did witchcraft, so intense,
It hypnotised me to immerse myself in the indulgence
of cherishing an unlived memory again;
Still working on this
Tiana Nov 2021
Just know,
You'll  be lured, attacked and get trampled,
By the ones for whom you sold,
Everything to keep them closer,
But before you know this wish will be over,
And they'll move from your ruins to search for another;

It'd have been still alright,
if that shattered wish was the realization of you being used,

But born under the fool's star,
you feel guilty for having them lose;

So you pick up your scattered pieces
and run after them;

Then there's your family,
your daughter and wife,
Whose warnings you don't listen
nor see their burning compromise;

But you still have the nerve to
ask them to adorn the enemy's feet
with the rubies of their broken temple;

                                      …(to be continued)
Based on a story I see Everyday
Diksha Dhiman Sep 2020
When we talk about things we make them real
Let's not talk about what is between us
Cause real things end.
                                 -diksha dhiman
Tiana Sep 2020
Beauty is mystery
mystery lies in darkness;
That may or may not be visible to the eyes;
And it flows like a dark river
that may carry danger
but also provides for life;
random thoughts
Diksha Dhiman Sep 2020
Your mind is at war with your heart
Cause instead of finding peace you are finding love.
Tiana Sep 2020
Every darkness ends to a light,
whether the darkness
is visible to the eyes or not;
Tiana Aug 2020
Let the limitless sky and charming nature
untangle your messy mind
and calm your heart;
And let your mind wander
how this enchanting nature works;
Diksha Dhiman Aug 2020
Let the kindness inside you bloom like flowers and the love like wildflowers.
Diksha Dhiman Aug 2020
Write it on your heart that everyday is a good day.wake up with a purpose and make the best of each day.God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes. All you have to do is believe.
Diksha Dhiman Aug 2020
Secret to happiness is solitude.
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