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Justus Aug 16
I have been lost in a cloud once
In my life
When you’re seduced by a cloud, you really have no idea where you’re going
One moment you’re westbound to California
Then the next thing you know, you’re upside down flying over one of those jihadist countries
Delayed ejection
It’s funny how something so soft and subtle can be so dangerous for a man’s wellbeing
Not “ha ha” funny, of course
I lost a lot of sleep over that *****
Flirting looks
A “daring me” stare
Seductive, and sultry, become smoky
Not clear

You smile, turn away,
You look back over your shoulder as if just to say,
“follow me this way”

I can’t look away

Something about them,
sends me into a trance,

From one simple glance?

I descend into their darkness,
A murky dark chocolate, in deep wishing well
Endlessly I sink into it,
Towards the depths of your soul

My mind becomes dizzy, I’m lost on my feet,
Your hypnosis is suddenly complete

Anything you desire
Even a hint
A suggestions or whisper

I just can’t resist
I've seen eyes like this... dark pupils, accented by pearl white eyes.  Beautiful eyes.  But it isn't their contrasting color, or even their beauty.  It is how they were used as a tool to hypnotize and get their way.
Kwamé May 24
Caught you running through my mind
But I warn you,
It's a dangerous place to get lost in
I see you watching me
My eyes got you in a
But before you look away
I ask you
Would you leave your secrets
In the palm of my hand?
Atul Jun 2016
Your blue eyes,
Me they hypnotize.

Hair so dense and dark,
Lost within them is an ark.
This one is for my Facebook friend Luna.

My HP Poem #1088
©Atul Kaushal
ji May 2016
Your words of tender, mellow slur
are furls and wisps of thin, streaming clouds;
       dancing ecstatic,
       swaying hypnotic,
       sailing on the somber oceans of the wind--
then nestling as mist
   at the doors of these still lake lips of mine,
   hankering to swallow and wallow the low-resting, quiet, ambrosial fog.
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