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Nat Lipstadt Jan 29
Poetry seems to perform hypnosis, the found rhymes and assonance and anaphora enacting an enchantment, a bewitchery; it seems to be giving subconscious advice. Get ready! You must change your life.”

Elisa Gabbert is the author of five collections of poetry, essays and criticism, most recently “The Unreality of Memory & Other Essays.


Tue Jan 2024, 2023 8:33am


Or it may not,
but know, core know, say it out loud,
write down by hand in pen,
this poetry thing
is addicting
and dangerous

I am an addict,
Not a recovering one,
for the infection
has no cure,
no vaccine,
and amputation
does not help

Sometimes, for a time,
it goes deep,
it is living while you believing,
and disbelieving
sometimes, for a time,
it got bored and travelled on

Not how it works

almost every sub surfaces,
the innocuous are not innocent,
a quick retort, an unfocused hazed memory
trips you up
and down on the sidewalk
a familiplace,
you return/go

and back on Boogie Street,
no need to find a dealer,
they find you
and the new curse word of modern times,
“use your words!”
fates but does not sate,
and you think to yourself,
the quieter time was fine,
but this pleasuring release,
the bewilderment
the urging and the purging
of poem after poem after poem
is the hell you love.
Galib Sep 2022
Life brought love that is not easy to find,
Love that poked spine with toxic dart,
Her sad glimpse has touched the heart,
Silhouette of her occupied the mind.

True feelings resembles to zero,
Those that made feel like hero,
She reached the soul to feed her ego,
To hypnotize, suffocate and go.

Dream was to hold hands by sunrise,
Instead, got Indifference as a prize.
She brings up things to realize,
To bury love and be wise.
isabel mayaka Apr 2020
I hope my words are new to them
Maybe it’s selfish to wish
I was the only poet
And that if your words make them cry
Mine will break them in two

Machiavellian, I suppose
Subtle aggression through figures and lines
That say so little
Spaces hypnotize them, now I have an army
Maybe it’s unkind of me, a bit territorial

Life imitates art
But maybe it’s just the opposite
Art is animal
Art is bare
And creation is the backbone of survival
MayC Sep 2019
not even Mona Lisa's eyes
can hypnotize me
like yours do.

-May Colde
Christina S Aug 2019
You looked in my soul and saw
who I really was and could be,
So much potential and love to give
You were the one with eyes to see

-that there was strength in my soul
you took what was broken and made it whole
my love amplifies because of you everyday
the beginning of my life didn't take it's toll

-that there was pain in my soul
and you carefully mended and cared
it's been so long since I've been hurt
it's because of you that I've been spared

God sent me an Angel and it is you
After all these years you still hypnotize
I'm so happy to wake up next to you each morn'
And you still look at me with love in your eyes
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
Your *** and thighs
My reason why
I am so hypnotized
Your *** and thighs
On top of me
My mouth in ecstacy

Your *** and thighs
I fantasize
My Head between your thighs
Your *** and thighs
I dream of you
They're my ******* come true

Your *** and thighs
Under night sky
Are music to my eyes
Your *** and thighs
My midnight treat
They are so very sweet

Your *** and thigh
Do satisfy
My hungry tongue and eyes
Your *** and thighs
My bedtime guest
They are the very best
Just an ****** fantasy that was floating in my head
Justus Aug 2018
I have been lost in a cloud once
In my life
When you’re seduced by a cloud, you really have no idea where you’re going
One moment you’re westbound to California
Then the next thing you know, you’re upside down flying over one of those jihadist countries
Delayed ejection
It’s funny how something so soft and subtle can be so dangerous for a man’s wellbeing
Not “ha ha” funny, of course
I lost a lot of sleep over that *****
Kwamé May 2018
Caught you running through my mind
But I warn you,
It's a dangerous place to get lost in
I see you watching me
My eyes got you in a
But before you look away
I ask you
Would you leave your secrets
In the palm of my hand?
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