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HTR Stevens Feb 27
What if the world that was once so bright
       be now hidden from my sight?
A world where people used to care
       is simply no longer there?
A world now built with concrete with no soul…
People struggling to live hand to mouth –
       just for their rice bowl?
Are we all wandering blindly into a dead end,
Taking for granted something will turn up
        round the bend?
How long can society survive without compassion
When caring for others is fast going out of fashion?

What if we’ve reached the top of the hill,
       we now have to roll down?
Not agreeing does not matter, we just have to
       look at our town.
There is no such thing as society in this day and age:
Life is about grabbing what you can while you can –
       there’s no gauge.
Giant hands grab all, just leaving behind
       dry morsels and crumbs.
The little people are left speechless, are
       horrified, struck dumb.
Once we had vision. Now the world around us
       is a wreck…
When life falls apart, we will all get it
       in the neck!
HTR Stevens Feb 5
Not a soul stopped Jim from roam’in
                      the wild wild sea
While the foams o’er him were roll’in
                      and down went he
Into the depth of the water;
                      he cried in vain.
Mermaids crowned him in wonder;
                      he woke not again.

With eyes closed, his lips half smil’in –
                     down down went he
And friends’ calls were not far reach’in
                     into the sea
While dreamt he of gardens pretty –
                     far, far from real
Which were dreamt ne’er by you nor me -;
                     he’s dreaming still.
HTR Stevens Jan 30
To one teacher we are little devils, little imps,
But to another we may be little cherubims.
As you see, my class has many a variety:
Mischievous, intellectuals, as well as the sleepy.
But this variety is what makes the world go round.
I do not like a class that is too sober and sound.
Seriousness does not make a mind care-free and easy;
Instead, too much seriousness can cause insanity.
HTR Stevens Jan 16
In my dreams, my love, you will always be there…
Oft catching me out suddenly unaware:
Gently and softly we touch and kiss,
Lost in a sea of eternal bliss,
Like forever we will stay like this;
Always faithful to you, just to you, I swear.

A moment lasts forever, caught in a frame –
Every page I turn, the picture stays the same:
A being so ethereal and free,
Another like you will never be,
A mo with you an eternity;
Quietly in your ear I whisper your name.
HTR Stevens Jan 9
Under the Christmas tree
Are toys for you and me:
First we have our personal phones;
Now, we can each have our own drones…
They fly high – they fly low –
Hovering to and fro.
Like eerie will-o’-the-wisp they fly…
Appearing like dust specks in the sky…
They fly high…they fly low…
We can’t see where they go…
Suddenly here! Silently there!
Like ghosts, they show up everywhere!
Like aliens, out of a nightmare –
Disappearing, ev’n as we stare…
Under the Christmas tree
Are drones for you and me…
HTR Stevens Dec 2018
Secretly I admire you, nought do I declare.
Your mind is like morning dew – sparkling bright and rare.
Beauty does but strike the eye: Wisdom wins the soul.
In your brain I can espy things worth more than gold.
HTR Stevens Dec 2018
You are our little sunshine –
Your colours in the rain.
You are your daddy’s and mine –
Our happiness and pain.
Wherever there’s a dark cloud –
You come out with a smile.
You’ve always made us feel proud –
You progress mile by mile.
You make our little rainbows –
You throw out little rays,
Even when it rains or snows –
During the wintry days.
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