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HTR Stevens Oct 4
My homeland when this day I see,
Looks like a fairyland to me;
With its bright and dazzling lights,
Shining everywhere at night.
Beautiful my homeland fore’er shall be;
May its fairy-lights shine eternally;
Increase may its fame and glory,
As is now my country’s story.
Higher and higher its buildings grow;
How changed it is from eight years ago!
Vegetable-fields are many,
They’re grown instead of padi.
Many too are cars, tramcars, and buses –
They drive carefully for life is precious.
Streets, houses, things and all,
Are not the same anymore.
HTR Stevens Sep 26
Too often has the word “love” been profaned;
He is shallow who loves and loves again.
Tho’ “I love you” sweet words may seem to be,
But, they have been used how often and free!
False, false indeed are the words: “I love you”;
Bright and glamorous like the evening dew.
HTR Stevens Sep 11
If you a child would teach,
His/Her heart you first must reach.
HTR Stevens Sep 11
It is a race against Time!
Until I finish this task,
Stay, Time! the church bells do chime…
Alas! Time has won; it’s dusk.
HTR Stevens Sep 4
All youths admire thee to a high degree,
Thou fair image of youth: Vitality.
Thy fragrance of youth; thy zeal and fire;
Steadfastness for Truth; these youths admire.
HTR Stevens Sep 4
Home from the winds, home from the sea!
Bidding all my friends come to tea,
I laid dishes for thirty-three;
But none sat at table with me.

I called the beggars in for tea,
And they were more than thirty-three –
They drank my health; I left for sea
With a heavy heart within me.
HTR Stevens Aug 13
A lying tongue and smiling lips!
Blood dripping claws at finger-tips!
To find my friend and foe are one;
The truth drops on me like a ton.

First, come the shock and disbelief –
Then acceptance with flowing grief…
Then anger wells up in my heart.
The mole has changed into a wart!

Betrayed by one who calls me friend,
What foe will to such depths descend?
A coiled serpent beneath the grass…
I cannot simply let it pass!

I must blast it to kingdom come!
Treachery is a game to some!
I want blood, as my blood’s been drawn;
Shock has changed into hate by dawn.

The hate on my face must not show –
While I plan vengeance sweet and slow.
Death is too quick for treachery!
This foe must waste away slowly…

So shall justice be metered out…
Betrayal one jokes not about.
Here my words come to a rude end.
Be the same for my so-called friend!
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