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HTR Stevens Sep 14
Like a bucket of spilled *****,
Human life is certainly in confusion.
News come thro' in drips and dabs;
I relax with a chamomile infusion.
Life is stranger than fiction;
Has man e'er walked in Eden?
Just as in the depiction,
Is naught ever forbidden?
Mirrors and smoke...
Missing pieces to the jigsaw...
Truth, falsehood, crooks...
Each man is to himself the law.
HTR Stevens Sep 6
I wish I'd never been born,
Born to see this suffering world:
As in the power of a thorn -
Huge, invisible, and cruel!
But let's not come here and go,
As though we have never been;
And let it be left in woe
Though we have come, heard, and seen!
Let us do our very best,
That our life is not in vain;
Let's drive and go through the test,
Let this world be freed from pain!
HTR Stevens Aug 20
Be soft in words;
Be gentle in deeds;
Be glad like birds;
God'll supply your needs.

Let hatred go
As soon as it comes:
Forgive your foe
As do say the psalms.

Look for wisdom:
Learn to love nature;
It is freedom:
Freedom in picture.
HTR Stevens Aug 19
Born of freedom, these birds that rule the air!
Have I but a view of Earth just as fair:
Of impassive mountains,
Of porous sand,
Of vast continents that link man to man,
Of seas whose depths human eyes cannot reach,
Of islands whose beauty your eyes bewitch,
Of grass stretching like a green carpet wide,
Of worms and snails that across dew-grass glide.
Can I but feel the playful fluttering breeze
That oft times I see kissing leaves of trees
That, dancing in suspended gaiety
Do free some of my earthly cares from me!
To see these birds flying in ecstasy
If I think not my inability!
Birds, fly on! my heart make light, my soul lift!
At least earth-men share the joy of your gift!
HTR Stevens Jul 5
Peeping out from my rabbit hole,
I cannot see a single soul.
The virus is floating about,
But is it okay to go out?
The economy is going down the drain...
Some say that to ‘stay in’ will be double pain.
Play Russian Roulette: just roll the dice...
If you know not what to do is wise!
HTR Stevens Jun 7
You can buy me silver, you can buy me gold,
You can buy all the treasure the world can hold.
All that you can give, your generosity may overflow
There is naught you can swap for my freedom - the answer is "no".
You can't have my sunshine, you can't have my rainbow,
You can't have my raindrops, the answer is still "no".
The world is my freedom, if I tread on no one's toes.
You who deprive me of freedom are my mortal foes.
You can't lock me up if I have done no wrong;
Injustice always reeks of a yucky pong.
The world is open to all who belong;
Not letting my freedom go for a song.
The sun is shining...I dance in the rain -
Freedom like glitter tingling thro' my vein.
HTR Stevens Jun 1
"Softly, softly" sang the breeze
Sweeping across hills and trees,
"Sweetest kiss given to Man
Is in the sight of his friend."
"Softly, softly" sang the breeze,
"Utter no noise nor a sneeze,
Lest you disturb lovers sweet,
Who on this cool evening meet.

Sweetest things given to Man,
Never last unto the end;
So all lovers sweet and true,
Why not meet under this blue?
Whispers will be my singing
To brighten all life in Spring
All clouds shall I blow away,
To mark this lovely Spring day."
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