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Hannah Jul 14
I’m like the update reminder on my computer
remind me in an hour...
remind me tonight..
remind me tomorrow...
what happens when I update
will I perform better
or just be slower than before
is the update really worth the risk?
fall into me.
tug at my soul
and pull it
from my body.
remind me
what it means
to be in love,
to feel sorrow, be human...
...remind me.
Jerielle Lasac Mar 2015
Whenever I feel the distance
In times my heart longs love a lot
Remind me to take a while to glance
To what matters most and to what this is about

Whenever my heart is searching
Let it be a time for me to seek You
Keep me from the things that are luring
Fix my eyes on what is true

Remind me we are not really apart
Whenever it feels like a hard pruning
May You keep me still, my Lord, and steady my heart
I trust in You that Yours is the best way of learning

— The End —