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III - The Empress

Your world is blooming full
Swirling colors fill your mind
You'll speak a new language of love
Like a mother's words, soft and kind

But your creativity has been repressed
You need to spend some time in nature
You must feed your soul with love
Because your lover isn't pure
A poem every day
Grisha S Nov 2020
Once there was a girl,

Who was often seen with her black dress unfurled

She had no family, no friends, not even a name,

But still, there were many who envied her dark fame

She was many times spotted in the night,

Sitting on a cliff, admiring the moon without a fright

Depressed about her past, sad about her present and future,

Knowing there will be nobody ever,

To her who will nurture

She had a pale face with deep and cold blue eyes,

In those, you could not see any secrets or lies

Away from the people, she roamed in the darkness,

Many said there was another world in which she would ingress

This girl was called by many names-

The Lady of Dark, the Empress of Shadows

As with her aura, she could frighten even the toughest of the foes

But there was one name that donned her a crown,

Though nobody would say it when she was around

For she was the one who ruled the land of no light,

That is why she was called the Queen of Night.

- Grisha. S
This poem is about a girl who possesses no secret or vanity. She is the personification of sadness inside all of us. Does she look the way you expected her to be?
Shannon Soeganda Aug 2020
The Empress is about to take Her Throne.

The Queen awaits patiently;

for after The Long Wait,

they both shall reunite

and reign together

in a Communion of Alchemical Union---

of two halves of a soul; from the same soul core.
2020-2022 Prophecy.
Let's see what's on menu from now on forward to 2022.
Eshe Apr 2020
The way you love yourself,
tells me a lot about you.

Your personality goes a far way,
your beauty starts from the inside.

In love with all your delicate lines,
With you it's not hard to make up my mind,
You're a Queen you can't be denied,
The truth is what you find,
the lies deserve to die.

The Lord has blessed you and forever will,
it's been such a privilege to know you,
to see the strength that was bestowed on to you.
Miss Flairity
made her
rarity by
knocking whose
shoes were
Flannerys' as
it alleviated
muscle toes
in pajamas
that their
trilogy made
living in
Yokohama with
brass this
mistress to  
rebuild her
brand legal
Blade Maiden Aug 2018
Life, the big distraction
How it weaves around all that lies deep within
It's all but one fraction
and this fraction in itself to life feels like a sin

The emptiness.
We all know of it
To our yearning, its empress
Nothing ever seems to fit
Right where emptiness sits
in its grand old throne room

A loneliness.
Both residing in these enormous halls
with nothing there to impress
Even they can't keep each other company
for they're one and the same
only wearing anothers name

I listen to my favorite song
Let me read this book that's been sitting on my shelf for so long
Maybe I'll go and buy these flowers I saw the other day
Wouldn't they look just lovely in my living room, I say
how sweet, how good, all is well
in this calming simplicity I dwell
til the sin seeps through:

only a distraction;
nothing will ever fill nor forever keep what it hides
the room where empress emptiness resides
Sam Mar 2018
Lost in her mind,
I confide in her greatness.
A tongue that can topple empires.
She talks empowerment,
as rain kisses off the cobbled stone.
Transfixed in her paradigm.
I stare in awe.
Makeup contoured,
hugs her face like powdered gold.
A brown empress,
her majesty.
Mehndi spirals down her tapestry.
Skin coloured saffron,
the brightest spice in the pantry.
Quick Sonnet
Sam Feb 2018
An illustrious rose she arose from fields dystopian.
Concrete tapestries a gallery of desecrated art.
She bless a soured dream, 
willing colour on a scene
tainted monochrome.
She's the contrast in the weavings of fine art,
nexus that binds together delicate prose;
sole reason words morph effortless.
Energy tantamount to a thousand suns
and a gleam just as potent.
Thievery at play, usurped my heart;
embezzled like colonial gold,
hauled from the shipwreck of me.
JAC Jul 2017
The empress of the lighthouse
can see for years and nautical miles
and she can never be lost at sea.

The empress of the lighthouse
could save every sailor who smiles,
but she doesn't.

The empress of the lighthouse
is empress only of a house
when she leaves the light off.

The empress of the lighthouse
got tired of waiting for ships to come in,
so she doused the light in her seafront tower.

Now everyone she loves
and everyone who loves her
*will forever be lost at sea.
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