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Miss Flairity
made her
rarity by
knocking whose
shoes were
Flannerys' as
it alleviated
muscle toes
in pajamas
that their
trilogy made
living in
Yokohama with
brass this
mistress to  
rebuild her
brand legal
Blade Maiden Aug 2018
Life, the big distraction
How it weaves around all that lies deep within
It's all but one fraction
and this fraction in itself to life feels like a sin

The emptiness.
We all know of it
To our yearning, its empress
Nothing ever seems to fit
Right where emptiness sits
in its grand old throne room

A loneliness.
Both residing in these enormous halls
with nothing there to impress
Even they can't keep each other company
for they're one and the same
only wearing anothers name

I listen to my favorite song
Let me read this book that's been sitting on my shelf for so long
Maybe I'll go and buy these flowers I saw the other day
Wouldn't they look just lovely in my living room, I say
how sweet, how good, all is well
in this calming simplicity I dwell
til the sin seeps through:

only a distraction;
nothing will ever fill nor forever keep what it hides
the room where empress emptiness resides
Sam Mar 2018
Lost in her mind,
I confide in her greatness.
A tongue that can topple empires.
She talks empowerment,
as rain kisses off the cobbled stone.
Transfixed in her paradigm.
I stare in awe.
Makeup contoured,
hugs her face like powdered gold.
A brown empress,
her majesty.
Mehndi spirals down her tapestry.
Skin coloured saffron,
the brightest spice in the pantry.
Quick Sonnet
Sam Feb 2018
An illustrious rose she arose from fields dystopian.
Concrete tapestries a gallery of desecrated art.
She bless a soured dream, 
willing colour on a scene
tainted monochrome.
She's the contrast in the weavings of fine art,
nexus that binds together delicate prose;
sole reason words morph effortless.
Energy tantamount to a thousand suns
and a gleam just as potent.
Thievery at play, usurped my heart;
embezzled like colonial gold,
hauled from the shipwreck of me.
JAC Jul 2017
The empress of the lighthouse
can see for years and nautical miles
and she can never be lost at sea.

The empress of the lighthouse
could save every sailor who smiles,
but she doesn't.

The empress of the lighthouse
is empress only of a house
when she leaves the light off.

The empress of the lighthouse
got tired of waiting for ships to come in,
so she doused the light in her seafront tower.

Now everyone she loves
and everyone who loves her
*will forever be lost at sea.
Liam C Calhoun Jul 2016
We cannot
Because we seldom share
The token tongue,
But still,
We conquer –
We transmit
Smiles and fingers
Pointing towards
And what’s, “next,”
Egg cakes, soy and tea
For the son she’d never
Expected –
He who’d lose a tooth,
He who’d hold her daughter,
He who'd love
Eriko Mar 2016
temples spilling sunlight
empress standing mountainside
drinking in the startling thunderstorms
brandon nagley Sep 2015

I'm unrestricted with her
Meaning free;
I'm her, she is I, we art one
A king and his queen.


Unbounded, unshackled
Sentient in comprehension unknown to mortal creature;
We hath wing's, with moonlight ring's
A ceremony shalt be soon, with stellar feature's.


No doctor's, nor teacher's
We art ourn own healer's;
We art different than the rest
We shalt overcometh devil's, and demonic test's.


For tis I am blessed
To knoweth such an empress to mine throne;
She reside's in every space of this poetic mind
She maketh me seeith when I'm blind, speaketh when I'm mute

For tis
She's mine home.

©Brandon nagley
©Earl Jane nagley dedication
©Lonesome poet's poetry
farahD Oct 2014
Even if,
There's a million stars,
And an ocean full of pearls and gems.
Or a million worth adventures,
And a sky full of golden clouds,
She would still be lonely.

Because it takes a soul,
To save her.
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