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Bipasha Dutt Feb 14
Motherly love is considered supreme,
It is commonly held in high esteem,
To some love is a sweet affection,
They feel for a sibling relation.
Often, love is intimate and romantic.
Sometimes, committed and patriotic.
For some love is for whole humanity,
It may reflect in their acts of charity.
Love flows within them like warm blood,
It submerges everything as does flood.
Love stands for trust and enormous passion,
Love also means nurturing and compassion.
Essentially all love is same and one,
An intense emotion you feel for anyone.
Bipasha Dutt Feb 11
Love never promises you
endless happiness,
that's an assumption.

Love only promises you
a myriad of intense emotions.
Bipasha Dutt Feb 10
Love doesn't mean
letting someone
live under your shadows.

Love means
helping someone
find their own light.

Don't call
                 dependency as love

Love is
Bipasha Dutt Apr 2022
You will hear
many definitions
of love,

You have your own version  
you're in love
Bipasha Dutt Apr 2022
I lose myself in you
like the river merges to the sea
not knowing which is you
not knowing which is I
no distinction
no difference!
Bipasha Dutt Sep 2021
If you ever ask me why I love you
I will never be able to say
No matter how much I try
Because how can I explain
such an exceptional feeling
With usual and ordinary words
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