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How dreary this world appears to be  
When love does not rule the day;  
Everything that dwelt in harmony  
Now struggles in discord, gone astray  

Did the sun rise in the East today?  
It matters not that the sun rose at all!
Darkness will prevail where love has failed,
The shore weeps, though the tides rise and fall

And should a deluge cover the Earth,
Let each and every form of life die!
Without love, life loses all meaning,
Tell me, what purpose have you and I?

More than once a loveless day was mine,
And I swear, I would have preferred death;
(Fear of God's wrath would not taint the hour --
I'd pray for love with my dying breath)

Just the thought of living without love
Causes me to tremble and to shake;
Take everything that is dear to me,
But leave me some love, for goodness sake!

For love is all that really matters --
And there is no doubt that life is grand
When loneliness dwells on far-off shores,
And love walks beside us, hand in hand
I find my sorrows to be lightened
When I sing of things that grieve my heart;
When the threat of despair is heightened,
It is then my feeble warblings start;
At first, notes take off like birds, frightened
By a storm, as to and fro they dart

But soon my refrains flow like a stream,
Consuming the petty stings of grief;
One by one they fade into a dream,
Bringing to my heart blessed relief;
But how I tire of altering Life's scheme,
Rustling its script like a petty thief

It's not joy that causes me to sing,
But dark despair that provokes these tears,
With each note, another tear takes wing,
Each song freeing pent up woes and fears;
Without song how sharp would be the sting
Of Love's cruel deceit over the years

And if the strains of a mournful song
Escape from my window late at night,
My heart's remembering some grievous wrong --
A melody helps the pain take flight;
My heart does not pretend to be strong,
A fallen warrior, it fears its plight

Tears leaving my eyes cannot atone
For the wretched pain life sends each day;
When buds of loneliness are full-blown,
I weave each bloom into a bouquet;
With arms filled with flowers, I walk alone,
Composing new songs along the way
Bipasha Dutt May 2
It was during my childhood,
May be at the age of nine,
I experienced something usual,
Something difficult to define

I was sitting on my terrace,
Probably around evening five,
Suddenly I felt one with the universe,
I was amazed as I was too naive

I felt everything is connected,
I felt a strange vibration,
I didn't know how to articulate it,
Couldn't give my experience any expression

Now after so many years later,
I try hard to repeat the experience,
But never can I connect again
To that higher intelligence.
Bipasha Dutt Jan 17
In the unknown dark abyss of mind,
When gloom and frustration twined
Which you oftentimes couldn't escape -
Those things clothed in black drape

And into the mind's deep recess
In which you have so little access
Where resides stress or depression -
That causes an upheaval in emotion

If only you can have strict control,
Keep negative thoughts on a patrol,
And your mind gains immense clarity -
These are an evolved person's quality

And this is also unquestionably true,
Strength and abilities are within you.
Bipasha Dutt Jan 8
This year,
I shall set myself free -

I Will set myself free
from the old habits
that hinder growth,

I Will set myself free
from the doubts
that plague me,

I Will set myself free
from the prejudices
that restrict the mind,

I Will set myself free
to live life fervently.
Bipasha Dutt Dec 2018
how inadequate they are
to express the intense emotions.

how ineffective they are
to share the deepest thoughts.

how insufficient they are
to convey the innermost feelings.

become insignificant
when intimacy grows.
It's natural for writers to celebrate words, but words sometimes fail to capture the exact feelings.
  May 2018 Bipasha Dutt
Brianna Love
If I could have you back
for just one day,
I’d tell you all the things
I never did say…

I’d tell you I love you
and that I always will,
I’d tell you all my joys
even my little thrills.

I’d tell you my dreams
and sadness’s too,
I’d tell you my dark secrets
that you never knew…

I’d tell you about the love
deep in my heart,
I’d tell you of the day
I was torn apart…

I’d tell you how I miss you
and wish you were here,
I’d tell you everything
I hold so dear…

If I could have you back
for just one day,
I’d find a way
to continue the stay…
Sometimes the feeling of loss and grief can overtake you in a second, leaving tears streaming down your face. Sometimes, just by a smell, like the smell of lilacs floating through the air on a cool spring evening.

Just having a bad “Miss You Dad” day…
July 4th will be five years since he's been gone, it doesn't seem that long.
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