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Shlomo Jan 26
Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation,

But they were very much conscious.

Loving every minute of vacation,

Thoroughly adventurous.

An act that seemed to revive not just their souls,

But every atom, cell and ***** in their bodies.

Lived for those nights huddled up in arms (Goals!)

Even though time just couldn’t care less.

Carelessly dashing by without regard (its new foes!)

Even as this act would lead to many more worries.

Fast forward now; and they craved it more than ever.

Would it happen again, or am I forever trapped in nevers?

Can’t handle the pressure, brain’s got a fever.

At this rate, gonna be swiping left and right forever.

Bones dry, deep down I crave love and connection.

Sorely waiting for those sparks to keep an *******.

More like an ***** sin.

Caught between a rock and a hard place.

A truth I once held close, feels like a lie I’m locked in

(I’m everything and nothing)

For where do I belong? Everywhere and nowhere

Except with my first love.

I long to meet someone like you.

Soft lips, beautiful eyes, luscious hair,

and a strong, gentle soul that softens the hearts of the hardest of men.
More about this poem on my site. There is also a link to an audio performance of it there!
Thera Lance Oct 2018
The serpent represents the form of evil,
Some say, at least, during certain times.

He says it doesn’t.
Destroyer, World-eater,
Embodiment of the end,
Claims it never did.

Imagine, a creature of chaos,
From a time where moments were indivisible.
There are no seconds or minutes, no beginnings nor ends,
Only an eternity within itself.
Is it any wonder that it took the form of a snake,
The one creature that can devour its own tail
And pretend to last forever.

Envision the beginning, that fleeting second of novelty,
A swirling, chaotic mass of all that could be,
Being pulled apart into bright stars
That burned imprints onto the serpent’s eyes.
Now witness the first things that aren’t you
Blasting themselves apart, their remains flung far and wide.

Our sun, our Ra, isn’t the first he’s seen,
But it will be the one he devours,
Holds in his mouth so that its yellow brilliance
Never bubbles to bloated red
And swallows up that sweet blue
That hides within its rays.

Our race, and our ancestors
Who like him swirled out of the chaotic sea,
Are the first to watch the stars and see
The way nothing lasts forever.
Why wouldn’t he want to hold us in his belly?
We could exist forever, never wither, never rip apart,
Never be alone in eternity.
For those unfamiliar with Egyptian mythology, Apophis was a snake god of primordial chaos who sought to devour and destroy humanity, the world, and the sun god known as Ra. This poem is both an exploration of the possible reasons behind his appetite and goals and a reason to combine the scientific beginnings and history of the universe with my favorite mythology.
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2018
Thinking that ancient Egyptian
made the great pyramid
is numerically imperfect.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
The moon's virginal silvern lustre
drapes over the navy blue curtains
There is a sacred power that the moon has,
for it is the Left Eye of the goddess, Bast
An Eye of Ra, Great Lady of the East,
She Who Earned a Crown of
the Orisha

Her silverfire grants the felines power
to turn the simple black cat into a
panther at night

As black, swift and silent as a raven's wing
With eyes as green as a meadow in Spring
Stalking the jungle with the darkness
as her cloak

But with darkness dawns a new and bright light
For she is a Orisha with the sun in her heart
For she passes the flame into the herb
shaped like a heart, swept and burning
with violet glow

That burns through every vein of yours
and then you rise,
born again new

Consume that flame, eat Her heart and
she will meet you in the Ancestral
Planes but take great care,
as she grants you her
presence and power
on if you are worthy

Under the glimmering borealis
Flickers of violet and pink and white
becoming moving flames with kisses of blue
that ****** the various crests of clouds
Lights that dance, ride and raise with  
winds of hope and change though
the infinite skies

Hearing murmurs and voices
the wind will blow around you,
a changed spirit
It is then you will know
It is then you will see
That Bast is smiling directly at you

Come and meet the Panthers who molded
the past in order to make sense
and build the future

Come and meet the Panthers who united
the tribes,
turning war to peace

And now here comes the new King
Who knows there is strength in unity
For tribes divided can never stand
And through learning that he possessed
a naively closed mind, scrutinised
the words spoken, not the ones
who were speaking

He was not his father but now with the
Mantle passed, he must learn from
his father's mistakes

Prince T'challa of Wakanda
Son of King T'chaka
Rise from cub to the
Panther on the
protective prowl

Seen worthy of Bast's blessings
carries her Eye that is never blind
He will remember all that his eyes have
scene from his successes and struggles
but also his heart

The Heart of a King
with the fire in his spirit
Sprint o'er the sea towards the horizon
The Black Panther who reigns
over Wakanda

How he stands proudly
with a coat of black
with his heart rooted and mind
conscious of the mistakes of the past,
has his eyes of the sunrise
which has the world and beyond
singing to the Sun, the Moon
and Wakanda's sacred tune
Real late but this poem is one I dedicate to Black Panther Movie.
There is so much I have say about this film, but I'm just gonna summarise my personal opinion of it (Again, it's my personal opinion which I'm entitled to.
No-one better get ****-hurt over it.)

Though I personally found the narrative to be a leaning a little towards the weak side, I can't deny that the representation of African culture and the concept of Afrofuturism was beyond phenomenal. That in itself was a masterpiece. That is what made Black Panther really stand out for me.
I'm very happy and proud that it did so well and for that, Black Panther will always have a special place in my heart.

It took me on an adventure that it's a film that can connect anyone and everyone to their own Motherland. It warmed my heart greatly so much so that anytime I think of it, I can't help but smile.

Yes, yes, I know all about Bastet being an Egyptian Goddess (She's one of my favourites). I know my mythology! Here in the MCU, she becomes one of the Orisha, apart of the African Pantheon of deities.

I needed to write something happier seeing how my Father's Day poem was a tad depressing for me lol.
I wish everyone happiness, love and joy!
Be back soon!
Wakanda Forever! *Lyn does the salutes*
Lyn ***
© 'Eye of Ubasti, Sun of Wakanda' by Lyn-Purcell
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
From the seas to skies
Sun's core shines bright from centre
Watery chaos
I think I've said I'm a big fan of mythology before. This is based on Egyptian mythology of the Lotus flower!
Been a very long day so I promise more poems will come tomorrow, lanterns, sijos, haikus and more!
Have a good night everyone
Lyn ***
Phae, light
Nix, night

...burning itself on a funeral pyre and rising from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle.

    -a person or thing regarded as uniquely remarkable in some respect.

Joseph Campbell

The Sun on it's daily journey rises with shining rays upon it's sides at the horizon; the wings. The Sun is symbolically an Eagle who rises at dawn and soars the day until time for rest. The Hero's journey is based on these movements. ⁽ᑫᵘᵃᵐ ˢᵘᵘˢ ˢᵉⁿˢᶦᵗ⁾


Night and Day combined in a cycle denoting the Sun's journey. ⁻ᴵᵇᶦᵈ

I am born again
so I must journey,

Paused in a trepidation
noon to my respite,

Moon she follows me
spirit sends my sojourn,

I burn on horizon
my form to ashes,

Tested by the darkness
lair of that beast.

Eclipsing the New Moon
broken her to pieces.

Followed by the dark
By my vanquished foe!

I arise anew, again
Dawn, day, dusk, night.

The Fall


Og(cK): aga/okto/octo

Do(u)/ At: place of serpents
Place, temple/serpent, snake

The place of Serpents
Council of Eight Serpentine Gods


The eight unknown actions
-deities of elemental materials



...connected to the serpent upon the rise.


The fire of the Sun-


For the Moon is thought-

And Charon means keen gazer-



Eyes, many eyes-

A beast made up of animal parts- of the Zodiac/the animal circus



Action/the sigil of Saturn, a repeated action:
-actions that repeat




..­.and his number is Eight...
...eight turned sideways is,

t i m e


r      e    p    e    a    t    s

I         N         F        I         N         I          T         Y
The human mind at work on paper.
David M Harry Oct 2017
I am here seeking forgiveness,
but I am not sure if I want it.
My only sin was her...

When she looked at me like that
my **** converted into praise and worship
and I knew then I was lost...

She had no place being in my arms
but she fit as if I was designed
to embrace her subtle November

Caramel apples led to Egyptian kisses
which dripped into carnal appetites
adrift in the Nile of her complexity

In the blue of midnight,  when I
write the story of my life
she was and is the only Paige

She is an ebony marbled goddess
fervently frozen in my psyche
and I am her sole disciple
Julie Smith Jun 2017
Queen of the Nile and yeah of course beauty
Her father left her a kingdom's duty
Little motherless daughter, everyone adored her
But her dull child brother bored her

She rocked her look, eyes and hair
A dream black as night and gorgeous in white
In her greatest despair
She made her way back to top right at Caesar's side

She'd delight his heart and never could a love be
As true as theirs, by the first sight
She gave him a son, a King at three
He'd rule the whole world, she made it her plight

But soon her man left her and his fate was sealed
And her love was doomed, this couldn't be real
A betrayed woman's heart in a young girl's body
A graceful Queen, ready to go down in history

He took her soul when he went away
Still so proud to have been his wife
Her heart turned to stone on the day
She was too late for the love of her life

Anthony took his place not only in Rome
But in the loyal Queen's heart he should also find home
Deeply in love and maybe too blind
To see the signs, don't lose your mind

Together they rose to fall even lower
Blood dripping in the waters like a deathly shower
He chose love over war, swallowed his pride
The battle was lost and he died at her side

A life filled with love but now all alone
The faithful wise Queen sensed her end was to come
She would slip out of her enemy's hand
With the bite of a snake to take her to her lovers' land
Cleopatra, my inspiration. This book about her life saved mine
PJ Poesy Mar 2017
She beckons Earth underfoot
Time for Seasons to reset
Goddess of Egyptian Spring, Renpet
Palmshoot reaching, curving, sprouting
Desires let

To fertility of world She sings
Commanding what nature must
Warmth of fresh sun dewed ****
Birth and growth She informs
Of equal trust

Datenut ***** are running slim
Provisions of winter running out
Time for Spring pea planting, no doubt
For Renpet knows and ends
A knowledge drought

Her reign is rain
And this wetness is welcome
Sprouting what just, shall come
Amending reason and truth
She'll come
I pledge devotion to all women's rights, on this International Women's Day.
Rumi Arie Sep 2015
She stood still before the choas; unshaken.
The wind blew its mighty breath against Her core but to no avail; unmoved.
Her coffee'd skin warm like the sun that kisses the Earth's horizon.
Something within Her had risen without warning nor permission:
She was a Goddess, in Her own right.

Brown. The soft tone of the Earth.
Golden hue painted widely across the canvas of Her *****.
Her skin like caramelized silk, with the sunglow of Egypt itself.

She pressed Her face to the Earth's floor and moved mountains with Her prayers.
Queen of the meek, ambassador of the poor.
She was the perfect amalgam of beauty and brokenness.
~The Goddess of Humility.
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