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daycrow Sep 2020
oh, cyrus-
i know you never wanted to die.
     are you still in denial?
hades lives two doors down the street,
     and your bones are as cold as lenore's.
it was years ago, cyrus,
that they took you and hid you away.
Are you glad for the change,
     for the progress you've made,
or would you trade it all back for yesterday?
we can't help but look back

If anyone knows any other "oh" names I can use I would love to make this a 3-part series
Hennessy 5260 Jun 2020
I was light and air, formless, boundless, free.
I was the sparkle in a drop of rain,
The first blades of new grass in spring,
The whisper of a warm breeze,
The promise in a lover's kiss.

I was also the darkness and silence,
The stillness of stone,
The emptiness of space,
The cold oblivion of snow,
The heaviness of grief.

I was the breath of Osiris,
Living and dying,
Dying and reborn,
In an endless eternal flux.

I was something else as well,
Something small and fragile,
Something that could love and be loved,
A beating heart,
A mortal soul.

I was both and all and none
And I breathed.
Excerpt from the exquisite book by the same name by S.G Gardner.
anthony Brady Oct 2018
Your pulsing energy releases
deepest tender emotions:
they flow into my heart
casting out bleakness,
in a gentle morn awakening.

Breaking silence, your voice
in poetry of true acceptance,
calls to me.  I become aware again
of your strength and stability:
then my eyes see beyond beauty.

It wells up from knowing
that  deep within ourselves,
loveliness cannot exist without the
knowledge of comparison of what
is ever undeniably true or false.

We can in solitude see
through fate’s deceptions.
Nothing can stop love from entering.
Thoughts made of illusions are destroyed.  
Mystical visions of truth are revealed.

Passions that have always been
within both of us are stirred.
Now clinging fears flee hence:
we stand together Twin Flames
strong in certainty.  We feel the
power of love in ourselves that is timeless.

See: Twin Flame Poetry - Treasury 1-5 . Published by
ashley marie Mar 2018
Her freckles are the stars
fallen as dust
pressed upon her cheek
Her eyes carry the universe
which the stars descended from
and somehow they are not so distant

Black holes will engulf my existence
I beg to her,
make me nothing.
But the eclipse brings me to life
and Osiris is delighted this eve.

we are left astonished
Karl Johnson Jun 2017
        he thought to
        bring sight to the Blind
                       Desiring OsIris or
                       Evoke E(see)kiel
        But he looked in a mirror
               and couldn't see
                                      his self
         His mirror
         betrayed him
         transparent, anti-Narcissus
         he was

         he feels he has
         too              much
                    V  i  s  i  o  N
                                            his (soughts) self(s)
                     go in one             (thoughts)
                        eye and             (oughts)
                               the other
he, So Self-Aware, scares his mirror
                              (did) you see            then
                               Do                             now
                                                                 tomorrow . . . ?
KathleenAMaloney Nov 2015
Holy Spirit,

Tell Me what You Know
Today is a day of Miracles, according to Hafiz
And instead, I ask you for the listening Wisdom..

How can a friend, cherished and adored
be the knife that Mark Anthony sees,
the Hand inside the Soul of Brutus..

All the world seeks the cure of single mindedness
the effects of cancer, Aids, Ebola
and yet does nothing to acknowledge the Word of Welcome held within them
There is more mystery here than could ever be in the fuel of a Rocket

Can You Hear the Pleasure of the Earth  Rejoicing for Its Victory of Faith?
I can… It’s Beautiful.
And yet it was called single mindedness for many years
as She sat alone and cried for the destruction of her Being..

Even then the community rampage of the Sovereign Greed did not stop.
Witnessed by All, Ignored TRUTH of  the Condemning ReBalancing
Have we given Up the Gift that Truth in Accusation Brings?

From Maraschino to My Lai Trial, you are just God’s Witnessing…….
Violence held, within the  Intention of Pure Goodness
Your Devoted Presence is a Peace filled World

Cal Anderson, I always wondered as to your medal.
shall I call you Osiris ???
Thinking it undeserved,
I now hammer at the forge of my own being
and with apology, call you grateful LIFE

More than a victory of deserving,
Love's acknowledgement of Steadfast Being...
Life’s right to Justice on Her terms, not ours

Peace Holy Spirt.
for the Victory,
You are ONE.

Grace in Blessing
And So It Is.
Alex Vice Apr 2014
Osiris take me away from here
Life is sad and full of fear,
Osiris take my hand
Away from this place of tears and sand,
I'm bored with the nile,
It's like choking on bile
There's nothing to do
Except to pray to you
Osiris take me away from here
Life is slow and rather queer,
I think i'd prefer the land of dead
Instead of this place i dread,
Osiris it isn't fair
Your wife is beautiful and has dark hair
If you shan't take me away,
Give me an my own Isis to love today

— The End —