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Bangle jangle
Strings of Mitra beads
Ankle-length sheath

Suzanna Hoffs
Painted lips
Shifting hips

Testing the poisons
Of her dance steps
Directly into the camera

Jenish Jul 2020
I was on a plantain branch
Cra cra… Cra cra.. Craa..
She put her bangles on a rock
Cra cra… Cra cra.. Craa..
Glimpse of gold, shined my eyes
Cra cra… Cra cra.. Craa..
I took it and flew back home
Cra cra… Cra cra.. Craa..
A cry of fury trembling hut,
I wonder why she made that fuss.
With a bit of twinge I shout,
“One I took, three with you!”
Still her rage in frenzy mood,
Crowd is fanning flames to grow,
In my nest it shine and rest,
Golden bangles shining lust.
Then I went back looking around,
To watch the jokers in a run,
But my eyes in surprise hunt,
The bustle of hut in deep slumber.
Oh! Again this gold will turn
me a golden queen of crows.
Another bangle on the rock,
I took it and flew back home.
What a foolish bird I’m!
Fallen on their tricky trap.
They found my nest and climbed up tree,
My two bangles went with them.
Mane Omsy May 2017
I can hear you near
Sneaking through the door
I can hear your bangles
Chiming lust in my ears
Your shyness keeps it real
I'll set your desire in fire
Embrace me from behind
Hug me tight, that's right
I'll hold your tiny face
And pour a thousand kisses
Bend you back to bed
Bless you with my passion
I'll love you forever
And ever
Sam Y Starlight Dec 2015
Molten glass molded Into a perfect circle,
Tinted with the shades of twilight;
- Lustrous lilac, blushing pink and pastel purple -
Embellished with shimmering stars, stolen from 
 the night

I gently slide them on my fragile wrist
reminiscing what he had once promised;
Like the roundness of these graceful bangles,
His love for me shall remain endless

They've heard me pray to the
they've been kissed by the tears I've cried
Their clinking and jingling have always soothed
calling out his name when my eyes had dried.

A girls best friend may be diamonds
mine are these precious bangles
They've been the voice of my silent lips
And twirled at the touch of my fingertips
Sitting in a bangle box, waiting for me patiently
*They will greet me again, merrily.
Gaye Nov 2015
I remember her as a little girl walking into a classroom with pigtails and a hand full of green glass bangles, today she is the bride and her smile breaks the reality of adulthood and powerlessness of human life to run back as children.
She is getting married.
Dark Holes Jun 2014
Bangles are my jam
Please walk like an Egyptian
Right into my heart

— The End —