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"Nilus nil " a écrit Hérodote
Sans le Nil l'Egypte n 'est rien.
Mais même si je ne suis pas pharaon
Porté par un éléphant de guerre
Escorté de chattes et d'ichneumons
Feulant tels des sphinx dans la fange
Je bois aux eaux noires d'Isis
Je bois aux sept bras de son delta
Je bois son ***** chaude
Je bois son or baptismal
Je me tatoue de ses crues tumultueuses
Je suis ivre de ses dix-huit coudées et dix-huit doigts
Je ne suis rien sans ses eaux noires, ses méandres
Qui grossissent au solstice d'été
Et alors pendant cent jours
Je m'abreuve de ses eaux tortueuses
Et je m'épanche de toutes ses embouchures
Je bois aux sept pis du ventre de la vache
Longs de plusieurs milliers d'orgyes égyptiennes.
Je tète jusqu'à plus soif
Je tète sa bouche pélusienne
Je tète sa bouche tanitique
Je tète sa bouche mandésienne
Je tète sa bouche phanitique
Je tète sa bouche sébennytique
Je tète sa bouche bolbitine
Je tète sa bouche canopique
Je suis Thoutmôsis réincarné
Et je sculpte mes savons d'humus.
Onctueux comme crème
Sensuels comme parfum
Je taille dans la boue le buste de Néfertiti
Je sculpte la fille de Typhaïa la Jouisseuse
La chienne en rut du harem
Je sculpte la catin du Nil
La fille lascive du Aulète,
La fille nue des Lagides
Je sculpte Isis et ses ailes déployées,
Je sculpte Aphrodite Anadycmène
Je sculpte Cléopatre la Septième
Je sculpte, je taille, je moule, je peins
Et ce faisant je frotte le dos de Palmolive
De ma muse qui m'abreuve
En fredonnant un cantique antique
De l'eau de son bain de mousse nilotique.
ISIS Juggernaut


Logan Robertson

Xenophobe-a person having a dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries

Zygodactylous- In birds, applied to feet in which two toes point forwards, and two to the rear. How this concept applies to the poem is that ISIS can strike from every direction, swoop down at any time, with eyes and a network lurking from every tree branch so to speak. Sad.

Sad was this last Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka, 253 innocent victims, as mankind watches in horror. These birds of a feather flock together, and their flock is getting bigger, and I wish that it would fall and end.
anthony Brady Oct 2018
Your pulsing energy releases
deepest tender emotions:
they flow into my heart
casting out bleakness,
in a gentle morn awakening.

Breaking silence, your voice
in poetry of true acceptance,
calls to me.  I become aware again
of your strength and stability:
then my eyes see beyond beauty.

It wells up from knowing
that  deep within ourselves,
loveliness cannot exist without the
knowledge of comparison of what
is ever undeniably true or false.

We can in solitude see
through fate’s deceptions.
Nothing can stop love from entering.
Thoughts made of illusions are destroyed.  
Mystical visions of truth are revealed.

Passions that have always been
within both of us are stirred.
Now clinging fears flee hence:
we stand together Twin Flames
strong in certainty.  We feel the
power of love in ourselves that is timeless.

See: Twin Flame Poetry - Treasury 1-5 . Published by
Industrial Death Jun 2018
Amid the sky of covered crimson plane
The stormy night begets its wonted reign
And down the sails of battered ships
The golden light of sol doeth set.
Far below the wooden hulls lies
O’ oceans crypt, unknown in depth.
Below the base of beaten ships and
Amid the anglers glow
The luminal aura of Isis shows.  
Crystal Night, immaculate sight
Waxing strong her sultry form
Oh how bright her soothing light
A beckon of hope amid the perilous storm.
The captive witness cannot cease
Its ponderous delight of beauties scene.
Of the godless night, in waves
Of tumult and titanic might
Of hellish forces the setians reign.
The sacred goddess of Lucifer’s seed
Rests tall for all to see.
MU Jul 2017
Come out now
It doesn't seem like it
But it is over
You are free

I don't know how
But you made it
You are strong
It doesn't seem like it
But you have always been

Come out
Let the sun shine on you
Or you shine on the sun
Let your light defeat darkness
And gift the future a ray of hope

And wash yourself
The water will clean you
But only your face
Your heart does not need washing
It's clean and pure and grace

You have been under the rubble
Your lungs full of dust
Embrace the space
Say something
And relieve life from its shock

That look you have
That look is killing
It is a death sentence
To the conscience of humanity
To be hanged by shame
And sorrow
And failure

Smile little child
But before that, cry
Cry out loud
And weep your pain out
Uncover the criminals

What did they do to you...
The pictures of the children being dragged from under the rubbles in Mosul still can't escape my mind...
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