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Stop pretending to be
there. You don't care
That I am not
doing fine

without you.

-the Void
Not for anyone
Stephe Watson Aug 2018
The ****** plugged the culvert.
New growth, cut short.  Chewed short.
Grasses.  Mud.  Stones.
Branches and leaves and muck.
Roots from the far-below.

And this time.
A lotus flower.  Sprinkled in dirt.
But alabaster otherwise.
Atop the waterstop.
Brilliant as a clear mind.  White as an,
an as an an an anything overexposed to the point of

Bees in the rain.  Tending to purple
spires that no one planted.

A hawk in the birch again.
Green heron plummets toward the pond’s

Outdoor shower in thunder.  It calls.  She calls.

Poem ends.
For Sarah Noble
It is unfair
A barber's son should
Go with matted hair!

How come Ethiopia,
Africa's water tower,
Suffer for its crops
A timely reviving shower!
I am practising Taoist poetry give me a feedback
Focus on the Positive
but do not shun Negative.

Respect the Negative
by way of Positive reflection.

And, indeed, vice versa;
as if some twisted cosmic joke,
yin and yang shall interplay
e'ermore, ad infinitum.
'Vice versa:'
Latin; "the other way around."

'Ad infinitum:'
also Latin; "to infinity; forevermore."

— The End —