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Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2019
She said
Let's be precise
Happiness starts with you

My goodness
You're right
Happiness is dream turned into reality

You know
What I mean
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Happiness is all the bridges that connect hope to life.
Kewayne Wadley Aug 2018
Loving you is like going on vacation without any money.
Away from all the tourist attractions.
The best views all in walking distance.
The places no-one likes to go alone.
My heart no longer my own.
Following where ever you go.
With legs of its own.
It runs like a teenager,
Street after street .
Making faces, having fun.
Your voice a constant favorite heard on station after station.
My heart jerking in place, smiling.
Dancing to the sound.
Loving you is like going somewhere new.
Welcomed by friendly faces.
Shown the sights left off travel brochures, travel channels.
Loving you is a constant  happy hour.
Strawberry & Mango margaritas on the house.
Loving you, being my favorite part
Marcus Belcher Jan 2016
Pulling the charred earth inward
I reminisce about feeling
Sipping on the forgetful elixir
Trying recreate it in my mind

Am I in her bones?
Does she feel me across her skin?
Would she go blank when she catches my scent?
What is she thinking?

Questions with infinite answers
Endless angles
Countless meanings
A race with no finish line

A path I gladly walk
Why worry about the end
When I can live in love and forever
Wandering thoughts....
Meg B Nov 2014
Sometimes after I've
Had a drink or two,
Or a few more,
I convince myself that I can
Find what I want
In the superficial distractions,
Building my ego in faked conversations,
Pretending to be the careless girl
I've never really been able to be,
But pass me one more beer
So I can text every other
Y-chromosome in my phone
And pretend the meaningless
Exchange of dialogue
Even minimally replaces the gross
Urge I repress
To send you the stifled sonnets
That lay dormant at the pit of
My suppression.

— The End —