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Hennessy 5260 Sep 2020
Sing me to sleep once more
Don't let the shadows take me
Where sorrow dwells
With the soft caress of tears
Hennessy 5260 Sep 2020
For a moment
I close my eyes
Breathe deep and envision
The sunshine now lacking

As I exhale
Open my eyes
Despite the looming darkness
I clutch on the sliver of hope

That, that which once lost
Shall be regained
Despite the tragedy that seeks to drown me.
Hennessy 5260 Jul 2020
Light me up with new memories
Make me forget the old and gone
Burn into me
Passion and love

Treat me like glass
Make me forget I was broken before
Hold me tight in your embrace
And let me feel safe in your arms

Let's rewrite history
Like it was never before
And paint the grey sky.
In brilliant colours.
Hennessy 5260 Jul 2020
Shadows loom around
There is no sunshine today
The clouds are thick with rain
The air saturated in gloom

The children of the earth
Don grim faces
Eyes hold terror
But no tears fall

Tis the fear of the unknown
The powerful hold their fates in their hands
No one knows whether they will nurture or crush
But the odds don't look to great in their favour.
Hennessy 5260 Jul 2020
So you accidentally cheated,
***** a young girl to death,
Preying on other's wives
Stole your employer's cash

Committed several atrocities,
You were all smiles till you got caught,
Someone got to your head,
It's witchcraft

So you play the victim
The demons were at play
Beg for forgiveness
While you blame it on the devil.
Hennessy 5260 Jul 2020
I'm a bird setting flight,
Touring new lands,
Leaving the nest behind,
Taking part of the flock with me

Deserting things I thought I'd love forever
Testing the waters I never thought I'd ever tread on
Approaching new heights
Forming new nests

Wherever the wind takes me
Bearing through the storms
Home draws near
New seasons have arrived.
Hennessy 5260 Jul 2020
For all the times you held my hand
When I rode through the waves
When my tears seemed never ending
When my screams almost got you deaf

To the days I didn't want to talk
The days I forced a smile
When my nightmares woke you
When you held me as I cried myself to sleep

Reminding me how beautiful I was
When I looked like a wreck
Pushing me to achieve my dreams
When I felt like quitting

Celebrating my successes
Even more than I did
To the happy days
When we nearly suffocated from the laughs

Laughing at morbid jokes
So I wouldn't feel too weird
Watching sappy shows
Though you never liked them

For better or worse
You stuck it out
You never left
You braved it all
I will forever be grateful.
To those who braved it out through the tough times for your best friend, lover, family, relative... Whoever it may be may you never lack strength and always know we are grateful for each and every passing moment.
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