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Hennessy 5260 Jun 2020
I was light and air, formless, boundless, free.
I was the sparkle in a drop of rain,
The first blades of new grass in spring,
The whisper of a warm breeze,
The promise in a lover's kiss.

I was also the darkness and silence,
The stillness of stone,
The emptiness of space,
The cold oblivion of snow,
The heaviness of grief.

I was the breath of Osiris,
Living and dying,
Dying and reborn,
In an endless eternal flux.

I was something else as well,
Something small and fragile,
Something that could love and be loved,
A beating heart,
A mortal soul.

I was both and all and none
And I breathed.
Excerpt from the exquisite book by the same name by S.G Gardner.

— The End —