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Hope White Aug 2022
I poison my own wells
And wonder why
The neighbors are still sick,
Even after I've given them
Some water.
I S A A C May 2022
all the wells are empty
the wars are lost
all the children cry
but we focus on our capital instead
homeless crowd the streets but we blissfully sleep
in our egyptian cotton sheets, in our bed of lies counting sheep
praying away all the evil eyes
welcome to the end times
basil Jul 2020
i picked out my shiniest penny
and threw it in the wishing well
crossing my fingers
and whispering 'pleasepleaseplease'
as you filled my thoughts

eleven years hasn't made me any wiser
just more sarcastic
but i still pick out my shiniest penny
for that old wishing well
and wish for you
with crossed fingers
i miss you so much, papa. i hope i see you in another life.

Guntang Jul 2020
sitting pretty
the day that drips away
drowns in the wishing well
as silent words
cut the daydreams
from the apricot tree
Colm Apr 2018
Mountains take an eternity to tear down and build up, and yet confidence can be drawn from a well within minutes.  All one requires is time, while the other requires the desire.
Colm Dec 2017
I’m torn between sharing the mass
Of stones I’ve dropped to the bottom of the well
And keeping the precious water supply all to myself

Because it’s not against my beliefs to drink
Or to share with someone a drink as well

But to pollute my own most trusted source of outpouring
Will take a confidence in me
The kind which ought but doesn’t always swell
Obsessed with water. Also this - My publish poems option is erroring - So I'm working out of my drafts - Tell Elliot please. (:
Mystic904 Oct 2017
Learning never ends
No matter how deep we dive
No one comprehends
A mystical path, everything's alive

No ordinary tends
Before has not abjured the hive
Exists a grave in each bend
Meat from the fat one may rive

Scarcely a trend
At the end, shall he then thrive
Time, no one spends
In the state, one in a million may arrive
Ignis Mar 2017
There once was a well
Every year, one wish would be granted
Bestowed upon the first
To put a drop of their blood
Into the dark depths

A king with great armies
Conquered the sacred place
And claimed the well as his own

He alone could wish
To preserve his power and position

A thief observed
Through the crystal window
A tiny glass bottle
Where the king's blood will be stored
Through ceremony, dropped into the well

The dark figure mixes his blood
In with the royal *******
Then awaits his time
Soon to come

Down flows the two droplets
Mixed into one
The king feels odd
The rush he recieved
Is less
Yet, it is said
"Let my kingdom reign,
With me at the helm"

The thief
Recieving his power in turn
Graces the shadow's ears
With simple words

"Let it all fall,
And all it's powers
So we may be free"
Her lachrymose eyes
just wells in the sense
they help us survive.
A Sep 2014
Shooting stars are for wishes,
So are wells.
A promise whispered,
But why trust it? It fell.

"Everything that falls, breaks,"
Or so some people say.
But stars don't fall, they shoot.
They make their trails from
where they stood.

And with the star's trail,
shall be your wish.
Waiting to be delivered,
waiting to be fulfilled.
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