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ButterPecan Aug 2018
You say he is our favorite child
We say there are no favorites
He was just easier
Nylee Aug 2018
I wanna read the last chapter
first, fight the last captor
first and live the life dead
Couldn't have been easier
than that after
the heart all spared
well better fared
not from the start, it ends.
Maria Bojko Apr 2018
the first time i saw her i was left in a spiral of awe
the second time i saw her i was left unprepared
the third time i saw her i noticed her laugh brought tears to my eyes
the fourth time i saw her i finally had enough courage to say hi
she brightened my week with a simple smile
i felt a deep longing for something that was right in front of me
i never thought love was real
never thought
and i had not known what it was to be alive until she took my hand
every cell in my body longed her touch once more
melodies played in my head
violins playing sweet euphonies
when our eyes met orchestras erupted in my mind
the sun burned brighter than ever before
the moon gasped at her beauty
the stars didn't even stand a chance

the next time i see her maybe she will see me too
aaaaaaaaghhhhhh this is a really bad poem im sorry
Saudia R Apr 2018
Today was a bit easier
I realized that I didn't cry when I thought about you

Instead I was laughing at something stupid that I did
Remembering that moment I spilt my drink everywhere
and all you said was


And even though I rushed to clean it up
you were right there beside me mopping up my mess

Laughing and commenting on my cleaning abilities

I felt bad that I made you wait
but you didn't care
cause that's just the type of guy you were

An easy smile and an open hand
ready at any moment to reach out
and help

I wish we could have helped you
I wish we saw something sooner
I wish I had the power to give you some of my years
cause Lord knows you would have used them wiser

But I know I shouldn't say that
think that
because it wont make the hurt go away

It wont bring you back
but that hope that you'll walk through the door is still there

I don't think it will ever go away
Today we did a tribute piece for Paolo, he was a dancer, and they redid some of the pieces he choreographed. It was...soothing, happy. The pain is still there, but it's not as sharp.
Cat Lynn Mar 2018
If I allowed my hand to get acquainted with a calm blade
and allow them to work together to have my grave made.

It would be so much easier

If I gathered all my possessions and left the challenges and callings
and ran away from all my troubles and problems that won't stop falling

It would be so much easier

If I took a bullet to these warm feather breezed feelings that stir up the winds
and forced unwanted emotions to take command, and avoid the punishment of being mentally skinned

It would be so much easier

If I gave up my fight... and simply lose the battle of my individuality
And accept their Labels of Lies and give them the right to make me wear a mask that is beautiful but beastly.

It would be so much easier

If I accepted my fate in depression and abuse and allow it infest inside of me
and be as dark and gruesome as I've always been tempted to be

It would be so much easier

If I chose to ****** all the things I've worked hard for
By throwing them over the wall of rejection... and watch it shatter onto the deep floor

It would be so much easier

If I ignored all the beloved people who surround me and would do anything
And focused devouring myself back into the past until I'm nothing more then bone and ****** strings

It would be so much easier

But Just Because It's Easier...
It Doesn't Mean It's Right...
I won't lie, there are so many temptations out there that can cause me to drift away from the will of God. There are so many things that would be so much easier to do.... but just because it's easier it doesn't mean it's right... Sometimes we need those struggles and challenges to make us stronger, to make us better. These temptations are so addicting I'm sure to many of us. An easy path can lea you to a path of destruction and misery

May God Continue to Guard my Heart and Direct my path on the path of Life, Light, and Wisdom...

Cat Lynn ///
3/24/18 - Progressive Dinner
Andrew Ewen Mar 2018
Thirteen years ago, something changed.
It altered my personality and made everything a stressful decision.
I let fear take control and I became a shell of my former self.
I must admit; It nearly broke me.
The important word there is, nearly.
It didn't break me and I won't let it.
I control my life.
I will not be controlled by fear and negativity.
I have one shot at life, I will not take it for granted and I will push myself.
Whether it's by writing or raising mental health awareness, I will try and show that mental health isn't a life sentence.
There is help out there.
It does get easier.
Amanda Mar 2018
I love you no matter what happens in life
One day I will become your wife
Burdens grow heavy but weigh less if we share
From now on all our struggles will be easier to bear.
A message I sent Taylor at the beginning of our relationship.
Dylan Growcoot Feb 2018
Casual conversation,
waiting at the station,
it doesn't really mean she likes you, boy.

Listening to your problems,
sitting in the flowers,
it doesn't really mean she likes you, boy.

So listen when I tell you,
why you're feeling blue because,
you deserve a better life, my boy.

You don't have to fight,
all the ****** time because,
you deserve a better life, my boy.

I know you really like her,
but don't tell her about your father,
she really doesn't care about you, boy.

She's going to keep you around,
cause she likes your voice's sound,
she really doesn't care about you, boy.

You don't need a partner,
just to make yourself feel better,
you're perfect just the way you are, my boy.

You don't have to try,
these things just take some time,
you're perfect just the way you are, my boy.

When you're feeling safe
to show your true face,
That's when you'll know.
You'll know.
Amanda Feb 2018
I wish I hated
you. It would make goodbye feel
So much easier.
I know it's choppy but I love the meaning behind it.
Andrew Ewen Feb 2018
It took me sinking to rock bottom, to truly appreciate some of the simple beauty in life that we may sometimes take for granted.
Like a friend who supports you, appreciates you and is there for you in the tough times.
They are the people that make life that little bit easier and that bit more enjoyable. Keep them close and always return the favour.
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