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kgl Dec 2014
it's becoming easier
to hear your name and feel nothing.
Head and Heart fought a battle that only ended
when the Heart swelled with a Love that hurt to hold,
until the Head's gentle reminder
that this was not Love,
it was Pain.
blinding Pain.
but like all blows to the body and mind
Time crushes Pain into a dull ache, a numbness remaining
long in the Heart after the feeling has gone.
but the Head holds the knowledge that this was not Love.
it was Pain.
blinding Pain.
and it's becoming easier.
Akira Chinen Jan 2017
I wish that I could tell you that life gets easier
that its not so bad around the bend
a soft whispered lie
to help you with your struggles
a half felt truth to mend the cracks
a hand to hold out there in the dark
a voice of reason that comprehends
a mirror to hold that reflects
the beauty of what you need most
a love to comfort the sea of tears
you're drowning in
and I would be whatever you wanted
and sink down to your bottom
and be the air to fill your lungs
and be the thread and needle
to stich back all the pieces
you've lost and broken
and flow and pulse within your blood
and be the love that makes
all this misery worth living through
and be the silent truth
waiting around the corner
that's not so bad
and the wish that turns to the reason
of why life gets easier
but I'm afraid that the words from my lips
would only be an illusion
of gun smoke from deaths revolver
as it is death that makes liers
of us all in the end
elizabeth Jan 2018
i never understood why people avoided love.
thought they were fools
to deny themselves something so extraordinary.
i'd ask myself,
"why won't they open their hearts
and just try?"

then i met you.
i dedicated myself to you.
i handed you my heart,
and you broke it in two.
this pain,
it hurts like nothing i've ever felt before.
a constant,
aching agony that won't wash away,
no matter how many showers i take
or how many other boys i kiss.

your mark is forever on me,
even though i don't want it to be.
each time i think of you,
it's like my insides are getting ripped to shreds,
over and over again.
the way a dog buries a bone,
digs it up,
gnaws it until it's practically destroyed,
then repeats the cycle.

if i could,
i would go back to that
warm, soft summer night when
i pointed to the stars and
told you that you were my universe,
and i would take everything back.
i'd do anything to end this suffering.

i never understood why people avoided love,
but now i know.
Daniel eason Nov 2018
The sun comes up but doesnt shine on me
My branches broken like a neglected tree
Untrusted associates meaningless time
Resorting to crime just to get by
Time to put this to bed
Its easier said than done
All the fun has been had since it all begun
A poem about troubled times
gleck Sep 2016
Children get handed things easily,
and they learn
that it's easier to throw away
than to hold on and keep it.

Adults are very different,
they cherish things
and would not objectify others
since humans are not things.

But right there,
throwing you away
like an object,
the man who was no longer a child said;

"I don't want you anymore"
Marisol Quiroz Nov 2018
i thought it would be easier this time
but it wasn’t,
it never is.
those last goodbyes,
that last kiss,
it never is,
it never is.

— saying goodbye never gets easier
Nicole Alyssia Aug 2014
Asking me to hide my emotions
Is like asking someone
To hide a gushing wound
When the **** won't close
And the blood won't clot
Easier said than done.
Coming from someone on the outside
Who can't feel the actual pain
And would prefer
Not to see the gore
Or clean up the mess.
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