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Kairosclere Jun 12
It’s just
To write about 
Because while most people
Are monotonous
Objects at least
Have variety.
annh Dec 2019
Sometimes I'm an apathist,
Infrequently an anarchist,
Mostly an apologetic aesthete,
And almost never myself.

Whatever...f$@k it...sorry...hello.
'To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.'
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
Diana Garcia Jun 2018
I’m running in circles
I’ve got a scattered brain
Does this look normal?
Or have I gone insane?

I tired of the 9-5
Just look in my eyes
This job is draining me
Of my creativity
And happy vibes
I come home and I just wanna die

It doesn’t help that I live
In a lions den
Every morning I wake up
There’s a beautiful silence
And then
Noon comes around here comes
Big mama with a big ole frown
I thought I’d just chill on my day off
Rent is paid but it ain’t enough

I think I need some air
Maybe I should go to my moms house
And see if my family cares
Ha Ha
I needed that laugh
Look at me
I’ve begun to chaff

Anything to just break a smile
People swear I’m crude or ******* vile
Yet we got fools praising a dead man
A woman beater a native to gang land
I’m just trying to get my head straight
Don’t bother me now
No time to contemplate
Tummy’s hungry
And I’ve got an empty plate
An avocado breakfast burger sounds good.
Constantine Jun 2018
I mean if im being honest the love i deliver
is kinda creepy
but it isn't when you're on your knees asking for
the nastiest things you could think of
Saint Audrey Mar 2018
The world always seems to leave me speechless
I don't understand, the things that you needed
Can we trust what they're showing on TV
If reality's a lie

So drag me back to the classics, I think
I need something for this ache
So take me back to yesterday
Today's one day too late

When I don't trust the words of the ones that hold me close
Its getting close enough to be a threat, I think

The air you expel leaves me so **** breathless
With all of this time, I expected advances
So tear down with disregard
There is nothing for me to hide

I wish I could read in a mix of context
Believe you me, this isn't a contest
Tear down this disregard
I've been running short on time

You keep running once you hit the ground
I'm barely here, but you keep screaming at me
Or at least, what used to be
You're late to the party being burnt down in your name

I'm leaving footsteps in the ashes
I think I'm depressed
But I don't really know
I can't even feel my fingertips
So how am I supposed to feel my soul?
Paula Sullaj Oct 2016
Apa t h etic,
C u d  d l y,
E m  p  t y,
G e  n  t l e,
In trig ued,
L   o   s   t ,
Nos ta lgic,
Pe a c eful ,
R  u  s  t y ,
T  i  r  e  d ,
Victorious ,
Xant hous,
Z  a  n  y  .
And after all these years my heart still skips a beat, and my lips cannot control a smile on the thought of touching you.

— The End —