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Badshah Khan Feb 4
United Arab Emirates

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

The nation always attend the simplicity,

Respect the bonds towards all commitments,

Enduring the past and securing the future,

Always greet you with smile, and embrace you,

This is the Year of Zayed! The Dream of Our Zayed!

Pleased by every citizen and expats

This is U. A. E….. This is My U. A. E ♥️
United Arab Emirates
b Jan 18
the guilt
the sin
the hatred within

thinking if we disguise our hair
in an obscure form of veil
they will conceal our madness

thinking if our skin prevails
after years of stacking knitwear
they will shred our sadness

then asking us why are we so vain?
why do we masquerade our emotions to keep us sane?
when all your attempts strives to conceal what’s underneath
underneath that cloth you call a veil
underneath that skin you use for sale

the morals
the virtues
the lies you preach

It is just another mask you wish to keep
Qais Alalami Jan 9
I am going to conceive a son and name him Adam
As names in our century have become a conviction
A reason for conflict and contradiction
I won’t name him Mohammed or Jesus
I won’t name him Ali or Omar
I won’t name him Saddam or Hussein
I won’t name him Ibrahim or Zakaria
And not even David or George
I fear he grows a racist due to his name
A name of which I am to blame
To foreigners he’s a terrorist
To extremists he’s an infidel
To Shias he’s a Sunni
And to Sunnis he’s a Shia
I fear that he’ll only be worth as much as his name
A name of which I am to blame
I want him to be named Adam, A Muslim, Christian, Jew.
I am going to teach him that his religion is what is nestled in his heart
Not his name
His name of which I am to blame
I’ll teach him about the arab pride illusion
And how humanity is the solution.
I’ll teach him that god lives in hearts and souls before mosques and churches.
I’ll teach him that I began my speech indicating he was a male,
as females in our society are destined to fail.
I’ll teach him that the problem lies in the Arab society tale.
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2018
Alexander of Macedonia this time
won’t U-turn from the might Gangaridai.
At the bubbling edge in the Indian subcontinent,
one would dare, taking his last plunge,
believing it here the proverbial Well of Life!

Yet Al Khwarizmi will discover the algebra,
drawing from ‘nothing,’ purely untouchable:
The Zero from the Indian pole.
Not a digit, not a number on its own, yet it’s all.
Every number jumps up in the zero loophole!
Then the whole number bows down into decimals,
escalating the hunts of the 1.618 golden ratios.

Plough through at your own pace
for the uncharted water, for ab-e-hayath.
Sip in a drop of elixir in this secured zone.
Sylhet is in the core, is written in stone.

What do these mean? I too wonder
down the line, I was intrigued by the Arab
and Indian tectonic plates’ slow dance.
Both rolled out, hugging each other
Then the Makkan soil lying at the heart of earth
gets exposed, with Sylhet’s soil it pairs up!
360 Sufi dynamos, mathematically a perfect circle,
find the match giving a perfect heads up
laid on the nine yard show the whole box of wax,
simply inking the vivo jump on the storylines.

What’s under the tectonic-rug at the bottom of the earth?
Shush softly, whisper—the heavens might hear it out!
Hold on to the least bit, it could be all one wants.
The earth, the ocean, all started with a drop of water!
Let alone any well, which way did this original matter,
the first, primeval drop of water stream down
Has this alleyway been exposed here, or in Paradise?
Then how can we say we don't have a secret for Paradise?
Sylhet is regarded as the spiritual capital of Bangladesh.
Brandon Conway Jun 2018
Poetry lives in a person’s head but
Sometimes it is very lonely
Because in the heads of some
There is nothing to keep it company
And so poetry goes out through the pen
And the thumb clicks send
Original quote from Arab Kosky “Talk lives in a man’s head, but sometimes it is very lonely because in the heads of some men there is nothing to keep it company — and so talk goes out through the lips.”
God said,
-through the Shaikh... He blessed,

The news has come to me about the kind of calamity that will befall Baghdad.

Offering a supplication on behalf of the inhabitants of the city, praying they be spared. Saying, as God, dejected;

Be my life for indeed someone in this city deserves to be killed and crucified! For one individual whom YOU honor, like thousands of others whom YOU shall have destroy them; You make us suffer for THEIR sins?


YOU have melted the pieces into ingots of the Godless and men?
You try to compete with the Prophets?
You claim to miracles?
You believe you speak the Word?
That you represent, in doing, by action?
Nay, -you serve the Jinn!

This is the end of an Age,
Vanity is your loss.

* not a deceiver...

Sam Bowden Dec 2017
My heart does not race;
my palms do not sweat.
The knots in my stomach are gone.
My mouth forms an easy smile.
My arms fold gently around her.
Her curls float in the wind
while I count clouds
and my blessings.
I am steady,
like tranquil waters.
Let comes what comes.
Let go what goes.
Allahu alam al qadr.
This isn’t a manic, impossible love.
It doesn’t burn with a fury;
it doesn’t have to defy all the odds.
This love is serendipitous and sweet.
It is simple, and soft,
like a summer breeze
gently rocking lovers
in a hammock to sleep.
For once,
I don’t have it bad.
I have it good.
Imran Islam Oct 2017
I'm lucky that I'm an Arab girl.
It's darkness that, I'm a girl in this Arab community
Yes, it's my family and local community.

Please, don't get me wrong
It’s the not really right traditions that chained us,
here in my family and community.
They all say, we're open minded,
But they're not, really no.
They all say, girls are not oppressed,
But they are.
They all say that no one infanticides girls anymore.
But it still happens, even if it's not literally.

We’re still being bullied here in Arab community.
So that's why I'm going to say these bad things-

It's sad enough that I'm single,
I am unmarried, 39 years old!
I have no husband, no kids,
I'm not an Arab girl now, and I’m an Arab woman.

I have never seen the hunter lion in my jungle of sin.
I cannot even play with myself
I just do something around
Because I should keep saving my virginity
If I want to get married ever.
Truly I'm still ******.

I know it’s a sin, a great sin!
But just I don’t like this backdated community,
these traditional rules and over rules
these just belong to family pride.
Does it support our religion?
Even does it like civil society?

Truly, it’s not fair, it’s inequitable to me!
I want reality; I want to get free!
I want to be happy; I want fair!
I want truth; I respect my religion.
That’s why I want my rights!

Marriage between cousins has been part of the culture here in my societies for centuries,
largely as a means of securing relationships between tribes
and preserving family wealth.
My parents are both first cousins.
Maybe I have to get married a close relative.
The society expected it and it is still common here.

Nowadays, my family allowed getting married from others families.
But here in my society has some family status,
Level-1 there are some families are there and level-5 like these.
Level-5 cannot married from level-1 or others in some family
Level-1 can marry from level-1 to 3.
Level-3 can marry from level-3 to 1.
But evel-4 and 5 can marry from each other only.
It is like that from past family tradition not for wealth ****.

I am from level-3.
Some guys came to my parent but they’re not my family type
and some are not my level
I have some close relatives but they’re not good guys.
My parent doesn't like them.
That’s why I’m still single.

I got back from the supermarket and maybe I will go to the mountain tomorrow
Yeah my country becomes green in this mountain
But other gulf country they hot very.
No I can't drive, I will go with my father or my brothers.

I have had a relationship with an Arab guy
we had met each other at my university when I was 23.
We had been talking over the phone and a social media.
And it’s hidden from our families.
But he cheated on me,
He did not come to my parent,
and he did not discuss about marries.

****, he wanted to see my looks and something like ****.
That’s not good for my family and me. It’ unreligious.
If my parents knew, I would be wrong
maybe they will **** me with him.
Talking to someone is not allowed here
I can talk to only people who I know.

Some Arab girls are getting married British citizen
But depends on girl’s family, will accept or not
and other thing is religion.
The girls were studying their only
No levels for them

I know a girl who has just completed high school.
She will go to England to study
and she is looking for someone to get marry…
Because she’s losing her virginity in 13.
Her parents know it all.
They don’t want to **** her.
**** for her that close relative.

How I will be married and I am not ******!
If I make love before married or do something like ****
Then my husband will tell that I am not good
The community will talk about me
And my parents will not talk to me.
They will slap me
All bad things will happen to me
I will be neglected.
And I have to go back to my family

After all,
my family will **** me.
Other punishment also, like these
Not going out of house
No phones
Not talking to people, friends
And relatives
Not even married in life.

I have to stay alone at home
And no one will talk to me if I am alive
Then I should go out of house forever
Really, a girl lives alone after this bad thing,
Yeah, can do work, but It is impossible here.

I know Arab girls have to war in my first night
and their weapons are their virginity!
That’s why I’m still ******.
Sigh, I’m about 39.
Just Culture Imagery of An Arab Community
Sorry, i put it.
peace with
web masticate
her in
these parts
of fire
that sit
on this
scarf and
interpret wisdom
with the
beast hitherto
while hers
from the
fleece go
to the
heart of
law bestowed
A Nogomie is web of Arab music always transatlantic.
Imran Islam Oct 2017
I’m a normal Arab woman
I am bright and I have a clean heart
I am always happy and stay by itself
And never pretend to be anyone else
And never build yourself that what I am not
I love life and look at it positively.

We live in this world once
So I think you need to enjoy life
And do it to the maximum
But don’t waste their time on the negative
In relations I am very kind, caring, and gentle
I am affectionate.

I love to take care of my family,
It is my pleasure
To wake up in the morning,
My love looked at me and realized
what he has
I'm just me!

It’s better than great what he likes and what I do.
Mind of someone
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