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Jessica Lockhart Feb 2020
The beautiful pictures in my mind
I can't seem to put on paper
It kills me inside that
I can't put you on paper
Jessica Lockhart Feb 2020
I'm like the crumpled up poem in the deep of your coat pocket,
Until you reach your hand in, snaking around for your chapstick.
You write a few more words and then shove it back in,
waiting for your next stroke of inspiration,
your next breach of intrepidness.
But until then,
I'm just another crumpled receipt in your coat pocket.
Maybe one day I'll be able to tell you I love you.
Maybe one day you'll care.
But until then,
keep writing your mindful thoughts
on the crumpled up paper in your coat pocket.
Jessica Lockhart Feb 2020
Every time I approach you, you glance up.
I pretend not to notice.
When I talk to you your smile gets wider, your eyes brighter.
You try to hold back your grin, but I know better.
And though you try hard not to show it, I see it.
I usually do the talking, but we both do the laughing.
You can't help it.
And when we part ways we both pretend nothing's happened.
But the next day I try again.
I approach you, and you glance up.
Don't worry, I always notice.
Every time.
Jessica Lockhart Jan 2020
Hey boy,
Do you notice me when I stare
at your ***** brown hair?
Please turn the other way,
so you don't hear me say
"I like the boy with the ***** brown hair."

Hey mom,
Maybe one day he'll see me
With his brilliant brown eyes gleaming
And he'll turn the other way
So I don't hear him say
"I like the girl who is dreamy."

Hey dad,
I think you'd approve
If he'd just make a move
Just please don't turn away
If you ever hear him say
"I want to marry her, I do."

Hey boy,
These are just dreams
They aren't as they seem
But I'll keep on waiting
While you keep on dating
And hope I'll turn away
and hear you quietly say
"Hey girl,
Do you notice when I stare
at your ***** blonde hair? "
Jessica Lockhart Jan 2020
I kissed you atop the Grand Canyon
You were better than the view
As the moon rose to greet the night
I kissed you until morning light

Not even maps could lead men to find
Where I buried my heart that day
I wait longingly for your fateful return
How long can this feeling within me burn
Jessica Lockhart Jan 2020
I want the world to admire me from a distance
To say in sub par prose
She did not try to be different
She just loved completely

— The End —