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Pockets Aug 2020
It was march
At the farmers market
Still kinda cold outside
There were people selling their odds and ends
And vendors selling fruit inside
At the back of the lot
Set an old taco truck
That sold tacos for a dollar a pop
I had 3 and a glass bottle coke
And wondered if I should buy
strawberries or not
Colm Jan 2020
Really good ideas
Are like dreams asleep

Take melatonin
Eat a pickle
Try as you may
To recreate
And force them into wakeful being

But you cannot
Not matter what you do or do not eat
As they will only visit
When your conscious mind is at ease

Unaware of hunger or self indulged feast

Or you could try tacos
Tacos always give me dreams
Tacos for dayzzz
Sometimes life can be a lot like a taco
It's all falling apart, but it still tastes good.
Kinda just a funny thought I had. But also has a legit point, life might be falling apart right now and it seems like nothing is going right, but no matter how much it *****, life is a gift, you can enjoy it, it will be crazy hard to do at times, but if you look around you, there is atleast one thing I promise that you can find that is worth living for, because life really is beautiful even with all the pain it brings.
Emil Hedegaard Mar 2016
I want to write
But I don't write anything
I want to create
But I don't create anything
I try to make a change
But I never win

I try to be as honest to myself as possible
But I'm the biggest liar I know
Rico Reyes Mar 2016
Taco Bell, my love,
You fill the void in my soul.
Take all my money.
William Robinson Feb 2016
I wish I was a taco with no mind at all
living on a plate with a window on the wall
I would be on a table just behind the door
Minding my own business not caring anymore.
OVC Dec 2015
I eat tacos
I watch a yellowed tree
A leaf falls to the bottom
Like a taco falls into my stomach
I was eating tacos at a taqueria this morning, sitting by a large window, from which I could see a tree with yellow leaves. I saw a leaf fall down just as I had taken a bite off my taco and some of it had gone down to my belly, so that's what inspired this, whatever you call it.
kelia Sep 2015
the inside of her legs are numb
she spits poetry out like chewing gum
tan thighs - brown eyed
"you're a monster, kiss me goodnight"

spinning lights inside her head
the blind spots come, she'll leave you dead
ask for taco bell and then she runs -
leaving your trousers half undone

black and blue drip from your eyes
"she said she loved me, then she died"
sleep in the backseat to sweat her out
i have no idea what this poem is about
A childhood memory.
It brings smiles to many.

It's a fear of yours.
Or it was.

You tell me how it scared you as a child.
I laugh a little inside.

But your fears make you stronger.
You're alive so it means you're surviving them.
Overcoming them.

You were one of my two fears.
I haven't overcome you.
I have only come to accept the fact that I don't have you.
I hate this fact.

But it's okay because we'll be okay.
I'm sure of it.

You'll be there always.
I'll be here forever.

Because love always conquers.
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