They raise you up just high enough to see that gold
Until you've signed that line and you're already sold

Dream Fisher Apr 12

My father wished me a happy birthday.
My father wished me a happy birthday.
My father wished me a happy birthday,
And I wonder if we will ever speak outside of that.

Dream Fisher Apr 9

The wind felt really great today
You don't stop to think about it much
I guess your world grows, the world falls out of touch.
I made my choice, to release myself
Among best friends, sea salt ice cream still melts
I don't regret it, not even one or three hundred days,
This is our roof top, not a better place to fade.

It really was just the three of us,
I guess before me, it was just two
Among thirteen, who knew, I'd look just like him
And he looks just a little like you.
We can meet again someday,
In Twilight, just like now, just like then
On off hours, letting light and darkness in.

I am a nobody, you are a nobody too
Still, we make the heartless whole,
Sitting on this ledge with no souls
I can bring that boy back again.
I'm a a nobody but I'm part of something more
Remember me? I'm just some memories
Created to restore.

Dream Fisher Mar 29

What if it all came crashing down?
A single blue-green marble hits the ground
No one notices at all.
What if you disappeared?
Packed up and moved clear out of here
No one notices at all.

It's okay. Pay attention to the change.
You can change a lot, it can change a lot,
To know that someone knows you exist
Take a good look on how strange it all looks
And everything you missed , staring at your shoes.
Even a stranger, you never knew, is a lot to lose.

Dance on crowded streets, with no music,
Keep the beat, playing in your head.
Worry about how others see you,
When you're gone and dead.
Give the world something odd to talk about,
Be something new people thought about.
On these cracked sidewalks that begin to look the same
Change the game, change the world.

What if it all came crashing down?
A single blue-green marble hits the ground
What if you disappeared?
Someone may notice you aren't around

Dream Fisher Mar 27

Tell them I'm coming,
Tell them I'm raising hell,
Show them the names I've been taking,
Look hard at the demons I'm waking.
I am a something, my cards are showing,
Don't think I am bluffing.
This is my title, so don't amazed when I summon waves,
The hole that I've dug, I call it a grave,
Still I dug it myself, unlike the slaves
Unaware with no care of the bridges their burning.
With a gust through the air, this windmill keeps turning.

Wake up the world in witching hours,
I'll stand on a stage and recite my life,
Yet none throw me flowers
This day job has me living each day in repeat
So quietly, I write week after week
Looking for an audience to pull me from this desk
Until that day comes, I will never rest.
I've been call a quitter, a fighter, a dropout, a dream.
Always striving to be the best me I could have been.

Now tell me them I'm coming
I'll crack through the sky
No limit exists when I sprout wings and fly

Dream Fisher Mar 22

If everyone acted as I do,
I would have a hard time finding myself.

Dream Fisher Mar 22

Hold a door for someone with their arms full
Hold a door for someone with no arms at all.
Hold a door for a mother, a father, a child
Or someone who may not be here for a while
Hold a door made of glass, of steel, of gold
Of old wood and splinters in the freezing cold.
Hold a door for a stranger and a stranger may hold one for you
It seems so rare that we help, be the exceptional few

Give your hat to shield someone's eyes from the sun
Give your shoes to someone ready to run
Give your attention when someone speaks their heart
And your heart to someone who needs attention
Give something that may mean little to yourself
But to someone else may be a beautiful blessing

Say hello to a person preoccupied with life
Date with intention of a husband or wife
Make people feel special, they'll appreciate your time
Say the words that make sense even if they don't... never mind

Dream Fisher Mar 20

I'm not a poet, not an artist.
I can't say I've broken walls.
You won't read me, won't like me.
I won't be a quote you end up reciting
In ten years to friends in a quip
As if I could be slipped into normal conversation
As if my fame has any relation to my body's
Descent into the ground, I will still stay unknown.
Except to notebooks where dust has grown
Accustomed  to being undisturbed.
You won't read me.

Dream Fisher Mar 19

Give me a mansion, fill it up with stuff
Give me the money, cash, and all the gold
Until my bank account looks like Mount Saint Helens about to erupt
Still sleeping on a bed with no other pulse
Stuck on society's twist of no monogamy
Cheating life plans, slicing souls like Light Yagami
You have to admit, that's a sick "American dream"
I'll just be here filling your bottles until you don't know where you've been
All these demons on a death note written, barely lived to be slain
If I wanted to live in your shoes I'd have wrote my own name

I fight real mental battles if I'm being honest
Too relatable of a relationship  to "Her Diamonds" by Rob Thomas
But you built me up to the man I am and I plan to stay that shining knight
Until the lights go off and we both take flight
All my energy, all my might, I burn creative bridges in a dark night
Until I write up a cure for the pain you, everyday, fight

I started chasing success to be best me I could be
they created a world where security is not free
Chain you to a machine, a desk, a job
Then take away your thoughts, see you've been robbed
I'm not anarchist, I just know the insecurity they feed
I'm standing up, saying what you already knew, you can be anything
If the you, staring at you, through a glass pane is not the same as you perceive
Crack the glass and give your all to that dream and believe

Dream Fisher Mar 17

Let me write these words pushing mental boulders
Throwing more pencils to the ceiling than Fox Molder
Keep believing in warmer days, it's getting colder
You couldn't freeze these gears, I came to play
Slay these demons without a sword to wield
Don't teach me the game, toss me into that outfield
Out of the cast but stuck remembering my name
Focus, on that single lane life but that satisfaction won't last

So you're trained to live for a dollar sign and that's fine
But me, I live for myself, I live for my family,
I live for those I don't even know and that's why this society can't stand me
I'll never be righteous enough to judge my peers
But when those lights go out, what do you really fear?
I fear that we entered a war against ourselves and losing
Looking at humans as a race, a gender, a label.
This table is not stable, it's leaking
I'm not speaking as a whole but in general, small lights
Shining to each other breaking stereotypes
This is my life, so dull, I created my own hype.
If you want to pull an ounce of my energy
Become an entity hell bent on greatness
You could be greatness, create it.

You've been waiting your whole life for a spotlight
Unable to see anything in sight because all you created was darkness
Every action, transaction, was watched by someone.
Make like a split power line, sparks shooting out a live wire
All it takes is one flame to become a bonfire.
It's all success if you throw your all into that blaze
They will believe you're crazed but shadows emerge and admire
The only reason your dreams are unrealistic
Is because most don't have the strength to risk it
But few fans would buy stock in your story,
With front row seats, they'd never miss it.

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