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Brian Feb 2019

Long Crypto - Short Banks!
it is a niche out there, but a few people might like it :)
ashley lingy Nov 2018
Sometimes I wonder
if the dollar that paid for my soda
was ever in a strippers underwear.
And then...I wonder
if the cashier is ever thinking the same thing.
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2018
If all it takes
just a kiss of death
to be gone
for good forever.
I wonder how
a life becomes
'so worthy'
to live it
in the first place?

The truth is
all present times
span out to the future
to realise the potential
of a newly born one!

How could dead death
can take it all in one ******?
Or it just dumbs down
on the surface digging
deep into the diverse layers
of the grand design of a life?
“To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Jabin Aug 2018
Tender, tiny dollar bill-
you give my time such worth.
Give my life to buy a thrill
And a box put under earth.

My gravestone sits over there;
paid a pretty penny.
Manages to look so fair
Surrounded by so many.

The car I drive is so nice
For my ride to the yard
Do not ask of me the price
Lest your dignity be marred.

My golden watch is better;
Reminds of time well spent.
Paid off the hassling debtor.
Lived at work to pay the rent.
Irene J Jun 2018
I met you across the subway,
we took a walk at the Central Park.
We went to a $1 pizza restaurant on our first date.
And spend the rest of our date at The Met.
We moved in together in an apartment in Tribeca.
And we go to work in Manhattan.

But one day on a sunset,
you took me to The Empire State building
and propose to me.
And we got married at the City Hall.
This was very random, well, in fact, I imagine this happening to me lol.
Arcassin B Apr 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

True nature would be equal to a God,
But you rather ignore what you have,
times are too short to be sad,
Sacrificing so much for greed, all that
you had,
Time is ticking and we gotta listen,
Lives are on the line to display the
While people walking around penny

We are so not far from the end,
Evils everywhere , even on the dollar that
you spend,
Nothing is fair,
They told you about the beast,
And how we always feed it,
**** disability checks , go for achievements,
We struggling with our **** demons,
Down for a truth seeking mission,
I aint reachin',
Have enough hard time learning,
I ain't teachin',
People **** each other for the dollar,
Steal from another all for the dollar,
Keep a gun in their pants for the dollar,
Selling their souls all for a dollar.
I only take a swing
At the ball that's worth hitting
I'm not going to go for each one, who am I kidding?
It's like a phychlogical bidding
It may not work out in the end
It may not suffice at all
Hence why I stay reticent and stall
But I push myself a little more now
I get castigated for taking a shot
It gets lonely at the top
So what if I flop
I have a million dollar shine
No more staring at the vines
Just pure courage
It may not happen
But I don't care
I could end up winning for life
By taking that chance
I want my words to make her dance
And to see verification in my stance
Vexren4000 Apr 2018
A dream from long ago,
Your grandfathers dream,
His fathers dream,
Now nothing but a ghost of the past,
Something that has been forgotten,
In  our hedonistic,
Escapist society.

ethan gaskill Mar 2018
i grew up learning to
appreciate the value of a dollar
especially since they were few
and far between for my father
mom had to stay home
take care of three boys
first glance it looks nice
but she didn't have a choice
didn't go on vacation
can't afford the plane fare
whole lot of complaining
why mom? it's not fair!
other kids get to go
and see aruba
why the bank always gotta
be doing this to us?
but we were all raised
on the value of character
even if you're dead broke
they can't take that from you
so we all learned to live
**** we learned how to strive
set us up for dreams
for the rest of our lives
and writing words
was a portal to another world
when i am in love
or when i'm discouraged
i've got fire in my heart
and the next step on my mind
and i like to think
i didn't forget to be kind
so here i go following
this yellow brick road
from pennsylvania avenue
all the way home
and i'll never stop dreaming
goals are just a checklist
set the bar a hundred meters high
they can't best this
part of a new thing?
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