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Jiya Feb 2019
clawing at my wrist is my very best friend
she has a skeleton of metal  
nails as sharp as pins
she makes others feel pity when my body is on display
yet she gives me advice when I’m in immense pain
although she's a backstabber
she gives me comfort in the head
yes i know she is toxic

but she's my only good friend
so this was something i decided to write on the very heavy topic of self-harm and cutting. I don't want to promote it as i know it is a bad, bad habit but as someone that very much does self-harm and is constantly trying to stop, I thought id write out my feelings about it.
Pauline Morris Apr 2016
Little pills bring relief
Little spoon make it brife
Rush it along
Soothe my song
Pack the bowl and pass it here
Please bring me another beer
Self medicate is the only way
To **** this agony I feel today
Tomorrow I'll be fine again
I'll plaster on my biggest grin
No one will know the pain within

— The End —