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Shane Feb 7
Hello my old friend,
Never thought we'd meet again.
In this place you call home,
I've now returned to claim as my own.

I remember it well,
The hallow pit where I once fell,
This deep dark alone,
I found truth in these walls of stone.

You warned of outside
The perils of hope
The deceit of trust
And promise's rope...
A noose to bind and hang in dread,
I've now returned, broken and dead.

Will you take me in and stay with me?
Take away the fear and the lies that be?
Keep me safe in our hidden lair
You're all that I have...
My friend despair.
My first post.
I still can't erase your face
then I will let you dance inside me.

I will continue admiring you
But this time, in healthier way.

I won't cut my wrist
but I'll photograph the tears.

I won't jump off the bridge
but I'll paint the ocean.

I won't sleep with monoxide in my car
but I'll write about it.

I won't let the liquid flowing down the cheek
but I'll act on the theater stage.

I won't fight to leave anymore
but I'll stay and make art from it.
Ana Laag Feb 6
My body submerged...
Into a deep gulf.
By all my fears.
In the brink of despair...
Ready to jump off.
EmilyBatdorf Feb 6
tension lies beneath this smile,
a nervous energy fueled by too little sleep and anticipation of the future.
music helps… sometimes. writing is barely an escape.
these legs long to run, arms long to strike.
left hook, right uppercut, elbow to the face.
enemies only i can see.
a scream is withheld, scorching my throat with its intensity.
my lips are bruised, but not from your mouth.
troubled by my own fears, anxiety.
i itch to move, as if that will shake my troubles,
i could sprint for the exit, but they’d lash out,
coiling around my ankle, yanking me down,
Amy Krencius Feb 5
She was lost once again,
When the darkness crept in;
And the demons she buried,
Came knocking again...

They clawed at her mind and they tore at her heart;

She knew it was time,
This was how it would start.

With a whisper in silence,
A rattle of chains,
They came for her (Taunting),
They called her by name.

They led her astray,
Filled her cup with despair;
She heard them all mocking,
But no one was there...

[over and over, an ominous game]
They wanted her broken, and lost, with no name...

They wanted her anguish to blacken her soul;
To tarnish her spirit, so she never felt whole;
They wanted her fearful, and lost - all alone,
With skin made of glass and a heart like a stone.

[until she would end] lost and alone…
Alicia Feb 4
One day you'll realise
That life is empty and hopeless
Whatever happens along the way to the grave
Doesn't matter - it's pointless.

You and I were born to die
So why live at all?
          Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
  To nothingness man shall return.
Self centered
Low life
Stuck up
Somebody came to mind
For me
It happens to be
One and only
I tried so hard
She didn't see
Nor care
She's not looking for me
Just him
He has become known
As perfection
Which happened
To be enough
For her to forget
About the
One and only
I love my mother more than you could imagine, the pain, the hurt, and everything else she has put me through made me who I am today. But this, man, who walked right back into my moms life, tore our family apart, and she doesn't care because she didn't want us anyways. I wonder if she ever thinks about me....
Sudeshna D Feb 3
You went overboard
For one little me.
Forgive me,
Too broken to see.

For all this while
You wanted my smile.
Forgive me,
Too broken to see.

Then it broke you,
Me not needing you.
Wounded you hard,
Left you scarred.

There’s no payback,
I’m way too broke,
And broken too.
I can’t heal you.

Someday you’ll know
That I knew your love,
And loved you too,
But I couldn’t heal you.
We’re semi solid beings craving different things.
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