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There are 82 "Thunders" in the song "Thunder".
Be productive, they said.
Do something you feel good about, they said.
Don't be lazy, they said.
Okay then.
I wanna do
Something to do
But i don't know what to do
Even how do i do
Do do do...
Can I share your Christmas
Mine’s been ****** away
Too busy closing out my job
To have much time to play

No Christmas tree, no mistletoe
No wreath on my front door
No strings of lights across the roof
No “spirit” any more

I promise not to hog your joy
And I will not intrude
I only want to steal a taste
Of all your special day includes

A whiff of loving happiness
And reverence for the season
I want to feel some holiday
And that’s my only reason

So if you’ll let me have a bite
Of what your Christmas means
I’ll be forever in your debt
For sharing happy scenes.

Still trying to get disconnected from the place I once worked and loved.
I’ve given up everything,
apparently for the express purpose of  
finding myself here with exactly nothing
and no place to put it.

Tomorow may well turn out to be catastrophic.  We'll see.
Peanuts Nov 2017
I ran down the muddy track
Certain that the art of losing was too easy to master
But no, behind my back
Ran hundreds of other people, faster,
and faster they ran.
not for fame
because they too were running in the marathon
of life's shame
they too were jobless
like me
maybe penny-less
the competition was too tough for me
after all, I'm a young chap, you see
I bequeathed myself to the ***** track
Fell there
Gave up
Cause I knew, I was never the man for the job.
I've put a lot of effort into this poem, thought about every line for a while. Please support me, love my poem. I'm a newbie to poetry. I'm actually a 14 year old boy, but I wrote this poem from the perspective from a young adult unable to find a job.
honey Jun 2017
some days,
i can be very brave.
some days,
i can be a coward.
i am a coward.
i walked away.
i walked so far
that i left my job behind.
i was a coward.
time to look for a new job... oops...
Khairil M Apr 2017
Ain't got a job,
Ain't got a car,
Ain't got a reason to feel inferior...

Ain't got a thought,
Ain't got a care,
Ain't got a reason to believe in the..

And we're making up excuses as we go (we're not finished here)

So who you're gonna call when you're down and out?
Making ends meet don't seem so pretty now...

Yeah who you're gonna call when you're down and out?
Waiting on a paycheck date to carry you up.
time spent being unemployed.
Deep Thought Feb 2017
Jobless, motherless.
Believe it or not, life is better when you have less.
No stress.
All in all, who are you honestly trying to impress?
Envision your own meaning to success.

Everything is temporal.
I mean is that $60 jacket really essential?
Even without these material things you've still got potential.
Recognize your circumstances don't define you.
Let them refine what's already behind you.

Our story has just begun, don't let anyone tell you it's done.
It takes guts to get up everyday to run towards the sun.
Our mistakes are lessons meant to shape us.
Seasons change.
Wake up to your new reality it isn't a fantasy.
We are merely survivors of our own created calamities.
Seeing my ex last night for the first time in almost 2 years, left me with  a lot of unspoken thoughts. So I came home and jotted them down till 2AM.
Sienna Luna Jan 2017
I feel like someone just squeezed me alive!
The rain is now pelting down by my side.
Somehow I was let go from my job.
It's nothing personal I guess I'm a snob.
I feel as though my life is closing to an end.
There's no future here for me, my friend.
As an adult I pay my dues.
With no money in my account I am barren blues.
I kind of like a boy who I don't know very well.
These feelings inside me are making me swell.
Should I go hide or burry my face in the dirt.
Or is this a sign that when life really hurts
and the grey skies pour down
and the heavy clouds unburden
their sorrow there has to be meaning
in these wet tears to swallow.
It's kind of like a bittersweet revelation.
A complete failure or a filigree contemplation.
Somewhere deep inside, I weep.
In silent pity I lay to sleep.
Gaye Mar 2016
All pretentious bores,
Read and internalise
As much as possible
With all your dull brain.
You may have all the
Time in this world to
Sit and Google me,
Stalk my friends and
Assume my life, get a life!

You are inappropriate
To be associated with,
Oh heavens! I’m glad
You totally hate me.
Poke your nose on
Your own ****** ***,
Wash your wits and
Take healthy naps,
Drink cold water, it helps!  

I’ve tried to be candid
As possible, if your ego
Cannot digest, get help.
Listen, read, talk and eat-
Good, you probably will
Start to think good.
Peace be with your
Dignity and respect you
Desperately cry for! Amen!
The poem I dedicate to all those who are desperate to know what's happening in my life and where I go with it, thank you, you really make me feel like a celebrity. Thought you all needed a well-penned response, hope you all enjoyed it. Peace.
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