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Carlos Iglesias Feb 2020
Why should I tell you?
Would you care?
Would you help?
What would you do?
Afraid of the cold shoulder or a negative impact
For which it would break me in two
I cannot take it from you
I have experience in taking in the damage not known
A soul conflicted of what to do
Why I don’t tell you
Is to save us all together
Attempts to talk only over shadowed by my own self-doubt and fear.
Carlos Iglesias Feb 2020
Examining the swamp
Dense fog and uneven mud
Whispers fill the wind of thoughts I should say
Examining the dawn
Ray of light paves the way
Of what I am truly meant to say
Although both speak true, I cannot seem to speak
As the mud passes over my feet and drowns in any sense of escape
How I truly mean to say I love you
But remain so far away.
When to talk about your problems you are stuck in daily.
Carlos Iglesias Feb 2020
Trapped in a crypt
Only light is a blemish of fire
Making my way through this maze
With the hope of fire giving me the glaze
To see my way through

I stumble upon these puzzles
Many on the wall
Making sense of them
May help my will to escape

On and on I go
Figuring this as I Go
The glimmer of hope guiding me
Finding the solutions I seek

I solve one and leads me down the path
The fire grows as I get closer to the end
Finally the maze has provided me an answer
Many still need answering, but I can escape

At the entrance all I see is light
I made it
Lights get brighter and brighter as it becomes blinding
I tumble back down in the maze
But have no way to see
As if the light took its source and fled
Lying me there wishing I was dead

On and on I go
Wishing for my soul for peace
Still figuring this out as I go
No hope guiding me now.
When you think you are on the right path, only to be left in disarray.
Carlos Iglesias Sep 2019
Odds to find millions
Only need one
Could use few others
Sitting on the plain
Casper should be my name
A flickering flimsy switch
Faulting to find a side
Just need one
Friends and that one to be around while trying to figure out what side I should show.
Carlos Iglesias Sep 2019
Jack and jerry noticed a dam
This **** dam was huge and leaking
What came out was liquefied gold, most desirable
Both reveled in it and wanted more
More of this lovely treasure leaked out
Giddy realization kicked in rather quick and both had this dream now
Set hours, shifts and turns were done
Both got blinded by their desire
Working overtime on this feat
The dam leaked and the rest is history.
alcohol is good in tiny amounts. Feels good to let yourself be free, only in massive amounts you regret.
Carlos Iglesias Sep 2019
Lets go into the sun
Let me put my sunscreen on
8 O’clock on a Sunday night
Squad ready up and fight
Pour a whisky on the rocks
Sitting in a sorrow
What happened to the kid in me
Being happy and giddy
Wanting to be like Mike
But here I am, rocking a mic
Wondering what my life will be like
Carlos Iglesias Sep 2019
Found my peace after twelve years
A life I will not get back but now I can move on
Anger, regret, have no hold on me
Today I start anew
For now I know what I am
True bless and feel hard to describe
Solace in the fact that I must die
And begin anew.
To recognize fully what one needs to do.
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