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thrcy Jul 2019
I still remember how I discovered you
It was a breezy & chilly day
It wasn’t too cold either
Just a perfect balance

There were things I was unsure of
The terrifying thought of the future
I’m scared of what the outcome would be

But when I was on the verge of a breakdown with all these thoughts
That was when I found your voice
It was one of those unexpected life changing moments

A voice that reminded me of hope.
A voice that spoke of new beginnings.
A voice that comforts me through the pain.
A voice that makes my heart flutter and giddy.
A voice that saved me.
A voice that said to keep going.

I remember a drunken night where my intoxicated mind kept bringing up someone from my past
All I heard from my head was “i hate him. i hate him so much.”
Funny how I don’t remember much of what happened that night except for when I was about to cry because of a ghost of my past was brought into my thoughts again

That’s when your song coincidentally played on shuffled
“Letting Go”
While listening to that song, my heart and mind for once finally agreed on something
It was one of those light bulb moments
A sudden realization
To let go.
To let it go for good.
To forgive them and forgive myself.

After the whole song played
My heart and mind were relief and at ease
For once in a long time I felt calm

Isn’t it ironic how I stumbled upon you during the autumn season where everything is dying
Yet finding your voice is what kept me going on that breezy and chilly autumn day.
I began the daily routine for the weekend today.
I can say that it has gone very well, so far.
I really enjoy doing this, as I keep saying.
I just don’t know what else to say about this.
I can say that I added another walk last night.
I wanted to go to my spot one more time.
I did, and it went very well, aside from flies.
I’m having that little issue again, but it’s fine.
I know that flies come with spring and summer.
I might need to start taking bug spray, maybe.
I think I can deal with it, though.
I can’t think of anything else to say.
I’ll talk again tomorrow, bye!
Another good day when it comes to the daily routine.
DM00 Apr 2019
Tell me it’s bad to want to hold on
to trudging upstairs, laughing,
eating on the benches,
singing in the theatre and places
we weren’t supposed to

It’s bad to want to hold on but tell me
that those warm days weren’t
the best of your life,
staying up all night crying
when we realized it was ending

Tell me that holding on is bad
because all I remember is talking
for hours upon hours with
dusk falling, everyone laughing,
and feeling drunk without drinking

Don’t tell me holding on is bad
because I want to go back to a bonfire
when you sat next to me,
back when we had a chance.
Before we went into the dark,

with naive hopes held high.
ms reluctance Apr 2018
Puppy videos on Instagram,
snarky relatable memes,
pretty pictures pinned to my board,
filtered funny tweets.

Bashful poetry and uplifting words,
whispering truths to the cosmos,
a few shows, binge-watched,
peppy dance routines,
movies, music, art,
time-consuming scrawlings.

These are some
weapons in my arsenal,
my anti-venom
against the toxic approach
of tedious,
Poetry form - List
Cana Feb 2018
Morning mood was bleak
Spiced with some Jazz, a poached egg and Appreciation.

Noon was carnival!
BBQ on the dock sprinkled with tropical house and a heavy dose of ***.

Night was narcissism
Sinful Bourbon and banana desserts, cigarettes aplenty, blue lights and bad habits
Day 6 was a good day.
thrcy Dec 2017
How can I say?
That you simply make *my day
There are times where I just want to run away
But you give me strength to stay

I am so thankful
Super duper joyful
That I am blessed to meet an angel
Now not to sound sentimental
Maybe it was coincidental?
That we were meant to encounter through this instrumental
Music that brings us together
And make each feel better
When life sometimes makes us feel pressure
You are there to change the rainy day to a sunny weather
It's like saying hi hello to a fresh breeze of summer air and goodbye winter

I wish you constant happiness
With no days of loneliness
Where you don't feel the emptiness
and if I could I hope to take away your sadness
Cause you deserve all the sweetness
Gestures even through your craziness
You have this side of tenderness
With overflowing kindness
That the world needs to know your greatness

I'm serious
When I tell you, you are a lovely, indestructible and a genius
Individual for you made it through the darkness
When life seemed restless
Sometimes it even felt pointless
And also you feel helpless
You overcame your weakness
Oh my goodness
You My Day are just the strongest

You will achieve all your dreams and goals
And have your life in control
There will be moments where you will feel like a lost soul
But if you just listen to some pop, rock and roll
Ballads it will calm you down and make you feel less all alone

Just remember I'm also one text away from your phone
Please feel freely to message
Express your thoughts
Let out your doubts
Cause if you ever need somebody
I'll be there to lend you a hand and a shoulder to cry on
Reminding you the wonderful colour of your smile
Helping you to letting go of bad habits of the horrible events you keep replaying in your head
Make you look forward to the bueno and better better days ahead of you and
That there will still be a sunrise even if things are messy
I wait until I see a smile on your face
Cause that's what you do when you love someone
And you deserve so much love in the world
Please don't let anyone take you for granted
You are the moonrise in a dark sky filled with stars
You deserve nothing but happiness my loves, I hope by the end of this poem you realize how amazing and significant your existence is. ♡☽
Lunar Sep 2017
"i'm awakened.
you're like the early sun
whose light touches every corner,
even the darkest parts of me."

two years were just a numbered period,
until we recalled
every memory that
warmed our minds.

"sometimes i may seem like a daydream;
a mirage you're afraid to come close to,
in fear of me disappearing
despite the hour of noontide."

lyrics were just words,
until we discovered
every meaning behind them that
reached out to us.

"i'm never afraid of coming close to you.
why would i be afraid of home,
when that's the place
where my day begins and ends?"

melodies were just sounds,
until we heard
every note that
voiced whenever speech failed.

"some have left
by the sunset;
will you stay
for the sunrise?"

the sun was just a day star
until we saw
its glow that
reflected off a silver mirror in the night.

"yes, i will stay.
through the sunsets
and the sunrises,
i'll be here to watch it all."

my day was just a day
until you came in
and became it.
a poem for DAY6's 2nd anniversary.
titled after their song, My Day.
some may have been here from sunrise,
some from midday,
and some might leave at sunset,
but just so you know, DAY6,
you'll always be our day.
Lunar Jul 2017
Our eyes
may not have reached
nor have our hands touched
yet you still managed
to reach
and to touch
my heart

I don't believe
in love
at first sight
I do believe
in love
at first

and I know
this kind
of first love will
Day6, you are My Day.
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