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Star BG May 2019
Open your heart to the mornings sun.
The dawn that holds unlimited possibilities.
It’s the gift that holds miracles,
inside breeze,
song of birds,
and the heartbeat of life.

Present your dreams to Saint Matin
The Sunup that wraps eyes in moments blanket.
It’s your thoughts that sow them into reality.
In yellow diamonds.
Pinks so luxurious,
and red-oranges a glowing.

Greet with gratitudes voice at first light  
The genesis that gleams with brilliance.
It’s the self being divinity in motion  
in the journey.
Awakening to spirit
and inside celebration of love.    

Just breath into the Canticle of morning
it is rhythm of love and harmony.
First poem of the day.
Àŧùl Jan 2016
What's called "Good Morning" in English,
"Guten Morgen" in German,
And "Bon Matin" in French,
Is called "सुप्रभात" in Hindi and pronounced as "Suprabhaat!"

I had been studying all night,
And probably now I'll sleep.
My HP Poem #966
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —