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Alpha Apr 2023
The king and his knight
Took a ride
Where to, they didn't know,
They followed a light
Far off, they trailed,
Into wild
Forbidden woods
Where fairies did hide
They came to a lake
Made of night
By pale moon bright
Surprised, they gasped
At it's sight-

And here it's unfinished. Man, I've got loads of these... It's sung in a very simple melody, but try your own, please, if you want.

And hey, this is my 50th poem (I deemed to be good enough for being published '^^)!!!
Thx to y'all!!! <3 XOXO
Alpha Apr 2023
A lonely soul sat
At a shiny lake
Watched the sun go down
With the moon in its wake

As a cold breeze stirred
The soul froze and shivered
But she did not move
Even though her heart withered

That soul could no longer weep
But it wouldn't have mattered if she did
For her tears would have frozen solid
On her pale, cold cheeks

The last birds chirped
Their farewell to the dying day
Then they fluttered away to their nests
Even them abandoning that soul astray

Suddenly warmth enshrouded the soul
Another soul had laid a jacket around her
And now was sitting down by her side
Without speaking a single word

The lonely soul was speechless
So she, too, decided to remain quiet
But, faltering, at last she leant against that soul
And so they sat, in this beautiful night
Heyo, I'm back again!!!
Sorry for always being gone for months... qwq
Alpha Jan 2023
Legend goes there is a lake
Made of the darkness of the night
Spangled with stars a comets' wake
Lit by pale silver moonshine.

This lake is said to be surrounded by trees
Rising their black boney fingers to the sky
Groaning, shivering in the breeze
Barely alive and waiting to die

When the full moon casts a ray
Upon the ---
I'm totally sorry, but I never finished that one.
There was a fairy supposed to show up, eventually.
Something like the Lady of the Lake from the legend of King Arthur...
Maybe I'll finish it someday, when I find the muse to do so.
If there's someone out there with a good idea for that, please comment!!!
Alpha Jan 2023
When the traitor's lost
And the cities fall
The dark moon will
Overcome us all
(Whatever XD)
Alpha Jan 2023
Pluck thy feathers, angel,
To bless the world again.
But alas! Take care of thee
Or all thy effort is in vain!

Pluck them all, angel,
And be angel no more;
For in thy craving to retrieve them
Thou, angel, shalt fall.

Thou shalt turn into Daemon
To ravage these green lands.
Until wood and field consumed
Shalt turn into black sand.

In fight with a feathered one
A featherless shalt always succeed
And rob the angel of his precious feathers
Turning him, too, into adversary of greed.

One day, though, an angel shalt be reborn
To seek redemption for them all.
But as the reborn awakens
The greatest angel shalt fall.

Fear not, sweet angel,
The saviour shalt come.
Be brave and be kind
And the darkness shalt be undone.
It's for one of my stories called "Sanctum" (for now, at least... :) )
Alpha Jan 2023
Summer fell in pale midnight
With ice crystals answering the nomads plight
When silence fell on deafened ears
A heart was impaled by ruby spears

A kingdom of dust with castles of bone
Risen amidst ruins of blackened stone
Demons falling from heavens high
Weeping at their brother's sight

Then golden blood streamed and flowed
In rivers where kings fearfully bowed
A giant struck by lightning's blaze
Glimmering in his flaming haze

Burning, burning, he slowly dances away
And a knight in the armour of dragons to slay
Hunted by wolves with greenish gaze
Is desperately searching for a safe place

Fairies of burns float through the air
Surrounding the phoenix's heir
Golden diamonds grow out the trees
And scatter in the ashy black breeze.

A king atop his throne of wood
Laughing madly about his brotherhood
Oblivious of the strange smoke
Rising from his burning choke

His nose burns away, he no longer smells
So he doesn't know about his hollow shell.
War after war ravages his beautiful lands
Waged by his corpse's stiff, dead hands

A bird flies in the mountain's halls
Trapped by it's stony walls
A cage, a cage, his voice bides
A cage safe from the demonic tides

The serpent's fang bitten in a hero's knee
Who lost his valour and tried to flee
Justice is carried out only by death
And in this world, there's no longer breath

Amidst it all, a young man stands
Looking at his icy flames
A smile stealing upon his face
Behold!, This is the madman's grace
Sometimes I just mumble some words and they begin to form rhymes.
That's basically how 99% of my poems are begun.
So don't wonder about this one! XD
Alpha Jan 2023
Her words were like knives,
But I couldn't really tell why.
Maybe it was because she spoke the truth,
Unknowingly, when I tried to live in a lie.
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