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Joy Apr 4
An incomplete list
of my modest pleasures may consist of:

unninterrupted sleep at night,
time to lay in bed in the morning,
the coffee machine's murmur,
the odd taste of coffee,
the odd taste of water,
homemade jam,
finishing a piece of work,
swimming or floating in water,
books with appealing hard covers,
good books,
good stories told well,
walking in a park or forest,
cold, wet, spring air,
warm feet,
standing by a river,
listening to rivers go,
looking up to tree tops hiding the sky,
blue skies,
green grass,
sunlight on the face,
courageous flowers blooming,
a hat that fits,
shoes that fit,
clothes that fit,
charming someone kind,
being charmed by someone kind,
first kisses,
eager *******,
joyful ***,
speaking with an old friend,
speaking with a close friend,
speaking with a funny friend,
being kindly teased,
holding a friend's hand,
good music,
sending and receiving postcards,
completing a piece of work,
rain on windows,
washed clothes and sheets,
flowers in pots and vases
and you.
Out of all the earthly pleasures
I believe I want you most of all,
my dear, my sweet.
Escapril day 4
Deep Mar 30
30-03-2020   23:28

Has anyone had an iota of an inkling wishing Happy New Year
That this year will not bring happiness but its opposite.

DESCARTES had commented that man is the
"The master and proprietor of nature,”
Now when nature is purging and affirming its omnipotence,
Would Descartes locked in his home following social distancing
stand by his comment?

It was day three, the grapevines growing like wildfire and
had in its content, maybe the lockdown days could extend.
Who knows? But at these catastrophic situations, one wants the comfort of one's family but being indecisive I repent heavily for
my mistake of not going back home in time.

Today while writing my assignment (Height of optimism)
I stumbled on the
definition of TRUTH which Nietzsche had given--

"Truths are illusions about which one has forgotten that they are illusion."

And this is further extended by FOUCAULT,

"No such thing as truth exists, we consider Truth which those in power want us to perceive as truth. Truth is fabricated like the clothes we wear and discarded when shabby."

Now again, MARX gives another theory ALIENATION--

In it we find us estranged from the important events and decisions that affect our lives. Those who made decisions for us can fabricate any narrative because we don't have any means to find what happened behind the closed doors, we are left nothing but to accept it.

Can we fit "Truth and Alienation" in our world?
The mind is like a street dog wandering aimlessly and barking on the moving shadows. Can shadow exist without a body?

In the moments of this crisis, I still see the glimpse of politics
For some, it is an advantage
For some, a nightmare
Few are making profits
Few giving up everything to help others

Whatever it is, the observation of King of Brobdingnag on the human race in the GULLIVER'S TRAVELS is sempiternal--

"I cannot but conclude that the Bulk of your Natives, to be the most pernicious Race of little odious Vermin that Nature ever suffered to crawl upon the surface of the Earth.”

Good Night!
ATILA Mar 21
If you let me in
I’d bundle up all your insecurities
and create a new constellation from them
I’d shift my whole attention to you
like sunflowers turning to the sun
I’d build an observatory
to verify that stars in the sky
are not as brighter as you
I’d fight to be your gravity
so that you would stay still with me every second
I’d ask the moon to tell the night
how charming you are
when you wink a star from your smile.

I know you don’t see yourself
as worth as I see you
But hey, here are functions of a partner
To remind that you worth a galaxy
To be flooded with your presence
To prove that you orbit in my atom
To be thankful for your holy existence
To show that you are the first snowflake in my winter
and my spring’s first bloom.

If and only if you let me in
and be your absolute sanctuary.
Happy World Poetry Day!
I’m finding it very easy to keep up with this.
I didn’t know it would be this helpful!
I know yesterday was a good day, but still.
I’m just feeling like this is very simple.
I know what to do, and when to do it.
I really feel like I’m waking up after quiet time.
I guess thirty-five minutes of rest is really good!
I also like coming out here, just to sit for a while.
I feel like I’m doing what I really want to do!
I just can’t believe how quickly I’m used to it.
I think this was a really great idea to have.
I love this daily routine thing, to be honest.
I also like doing this check in thing each day.
I don’t know what else to say anymore.
I guess I’ll leave it at that for today.
I’ll be back tomorrow, bye!
Making progress, and feeling good about it!
DM00 Apr 2019
like a boiling lobster,
i don't feel it coming,
i dont see it
before it
did not have time, whoops
India Apr 2019
Bitten blooded flesh;
Proof of the demon in her head
that gnawed away,
Stealing days like takeaway cups
filled to the brim with saucy sin,
seven layers of deceit.
Shanna Thomas Mar 2019
Slowly you strip me, baring my nakedness for the world to see. Immediately covering my body with my hands, you reach for them and tell me no. You wanted the world to see the beauty that is Me. Fighting the urge not to cry, sink or run away. You exposed me, and all the flaws I try to compress. You exposed me, and read my body like an open book. You exposed me. And for that I am grateful. You exposed me and allowed me to be open, not just with other people but with the monster within. You exposed me and allowed me to be free.
Mujaheedah Nov 2018
Read when necessary

Sleep when necessary

Eat when necessary

Think when necessary

Take action when necessary

Get angry when necessary

Cry when necessary

Meet new people when necessary

Go places when necessary

Have good *** when necessary

Have fun when necessary

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