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Neha Naeem Nov 2020
The distance you imagine is your utopia. It’s not a window, it’s two people dancing under the large tree behind the abandoned farmhouse, daydreamer, you can’t help but feel drawn to the window of dreams. It is Your escape the more you look the more you feel. The more you dream the more you can taste it, you press the repeat button to make-out the few moments of your dream, in advance when I rudely interrupt you, and you can’t go back to dreaming, that was it fantasizer, so savour your last few minutes of befuddling into space. see you soon, daydreamer, when you’re dreaming of me again.
I made this bit of writing in my art class at school. I saw a cute boy staring out the window behind me so it looked like he was looking at me but it was the window so it inspired me and I wrote this. It’s not really poetry it’s more poetic but I still want to share it
Chelsea Rae Mar 2020
Your ideas of grandeur
Don't do you any favors
And if anything they only hinder.

Reality poking holes
In the big picture
You imagined;
Making it only
Half as great as you thought.

Sometimes I wish I could fight
The escapist in me.

The part of me
living off of daydreams.
Shooting the stars into my veins
Like straight ******.

Creating bigger and bigger ideas
Because the starry night makes us feel like the world is so big and expansive that maybe someone like you could be destined to change it all.

My, my...
How wrong you are.

You're such a small insignificant speck that the universe would swallow you whole and not even think twice about it.

But you keep dreamin'..
Because we both know you'd never survive without that at least.
Khoi May 2019
Shadow Dragon May 2018
A daydreamer,
who doesn't understand.
He took my hand,
told me the broken things.

I cut all the strings,
watched him burn.
then I wanted to learn.
Learn to end the fire.

Something I didn't know prior;
You can't start being a liar.
Then splash water on it,
when you should use an extinguisher.
chloe Mar 2018
when i was told as a little girl.
"think before you speak"
i knew what mum was getting at
and what dad tried to get me to do.
now i'm older, only a little older than yesteryear.
i was in a slumber.
now i have turned to my night-dreams.

if i thought before i spoke.
maybe i wouldn't have even said a single word.
maybe i would have been so lost in my thoughts
i would forget what i was saying. or thinking.
no one would no what i meant when i thought about tomorrow afternoon. they would stare into my starry eyes and wonder why they even bothered to talk to me. would they?
but i will never know. because.
even when i hurt someone through simple sounds flowing from my mouth. i would still make them cry. kick. scream. yell.
they would always know. that i never thought before i spoke.

or would they.
only a thirteen year old trying to make sense of her life.
please read generously
i would if i could but i cant.
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