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in the town of Jerusalem,
my home,
my warzone,
my heart's stone.

i set off from home,
with weathered sandals
and broken eyes

i sought for treasure,
not gold nor wine,
oil and water
a feast for two

and i
walked past a building.
a wind past trees,
light through holes,

and i felt a
strange sensation
in my heart.

it stood like a castle
stripped of it's
false gold.

i stopped to see,
among your disciple, was
a man with a robe

around his waist
and he had
eyes with

a million oceans in them,
and had a fire within
so bright.

washing their feet.
and i wondered,

was it true, Jesus,
that you only acted humble.
or have you

hoaxed entire kingdoms into
believing your God.

divine encounters
wine skins and
calling the dead out of slumber,

and here,
you've ordered a counterfeit vine for
your branches.

the hope of you being real
was seeping into the earth,

depleted souls
desperately looking for its
own grave.

but i took a second,
a third look.
5 blinks and a breath,

isn't that you.

i looked again,
and i saw your arms like trees
reaching towards

empty mouths,
i saw a wine stained
robe, and

whiplashed skin,
i didn't know what it meant.

you invited yourself
stripped yourself of heaven
and lowered yourself to

wash the feet of those
who follow you.

oh, the awe.

oh, the sheer weight of

love that swept into, above and through me.

my ears starts to tear up
despite the drought inside me,
and i was filled up,
even though broken cisterns laid
within me
and the world looked

just a bit brighter.
and life finally
felt like life.
and not

empty pots and
eyes that bled pain
nor is it a heart stabbed by its own

at that moment.
within this...

bleep in eternity.
i knew you were God

and you are real.
heyy heres a try at ekphrastic poetry haha...hopr you guys like it!!
Cynthia Jean Feb 17
When you walk with God


is a testimony

to His love  and  grace.

Cynthia Jean
February , 2020
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2019
That smile
Is alternate medicine

Still wonder!
Why every textbook
Missed to mention
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: Healing
Author's Note: And sometimes, without being a medical professional, without any degree, without any registration, someone has a healing divinity. You will be healed in a right way, and that is beautiful. Have you ever vibe that?
R A Pilch Sep 2019
When I thought I was a monster
I was so enraged
I was treated as less than human
I was thrown into a cage
I didn’t know you loved me
I didn’t know what gladness meant
I figured I was just defective
I hated that I was different
When I thought I was a monster

So I acted like a monster
I hated everyone I met
They would never understand me
With that I was content
I didn’t want to be around them
I didn’t want their fairytale
Each time I had tried to grasp it
I continued then to fail
When I thought I was a monster

People saw me as a monster
And the hate turned back on me
Everyone was sick and tired
Of my pride and villainy
They began to band together
Being united by hate
They schemed and worked together
In an attempt to seal my fate
When I thought I was a monster

Someone had to slay the monster
But it wasn’t who you’d think
And it all happened so quickly
You would miss it it if you blinked
Not the mob that band together
It was one who came by stealth
Because when I learned you loved me
I murdered my old self
I was no longer a monster
The story of my depression and self-hate and the way God changed my life and empowered me to slay the beast that haunted me.
Donna Bella Apr 2019
The story I thought I wrote
The story I thought was made was the story that never began
I became the person who forgot how to love
Because all the love was taken
Yet I still have a story to tell
But I can’t speak it
I can’t write it
I just can’t give you my story
Desire Feb 2019
When I was a lost, broken teen and kicked out at 15, needing not just a roof over my head, but internal restoration, a "godly" man helped me. When I witnessed domestic violence and had no sense of manhood, it was godly men who mentored me. When I went to the military with no sense of direction, godly people helped discipline and guide me.

When I was away from friends and family for 10 months, 10 months, and 13 months, "godly" families took me in. When I needed things most and failed to receive them from those responsible for my life, it was those in/of the faith who held me down.

Everything else in life I got my own, through the faith God's given me, and with the investment from, and love shown, by these godly people: my drivers license, my first car, living on my own, filing taxes, savings/budgeting, college, setting goals and achieving them, prioritizing and fulfilling responsibilities, marriage, family, and more essential life-related factors...


And ever since I've been back "home," away from my military family, disciple-making ministry, and Church Family, its never been more clear how many people claim are there for you but really aren't.

As an adult, there comes a time where you become responsible for your own life in terms of decision-making and finances. I get that. I don't expect a constant investment from everyone and help all the time. But there are people who "should have" been there for me from my teenage to adult life, and weren't.

And I forgive you. I love you. I grew through it all. It took a bad upbringing and a broken home to get me to encounter "holiness" and become a better me. But don't think because Im back home that you did anything to contribute. As mature adults, the reality is you didnt. You dont get credit for the small levels of growth, success, or achievement in my life. In fact, you did the opposite. You did nothing. You failed. And thats ok. I still love you. But credit and glory be to God. Thats the reality of my life.

I am where I am today because God got me this far! Thank You!

Why do I believe in God? Cause when I was hungry and had no food, a plate was somehow prepared. When I was lost and felt alone, somehow the right people showed up. When my family was broke and pockets where empty, somehow our needs were provided. When I was across the country and overseas, other people experienced the same grace and knew the same name - Jesus.

When I doubted, he still believed in me. When I was low, his word lifted me up. When I was lost, his word and his people guided me. When I was broken, he made me whole again and again and again... It was faith that got through my teenage and young adult life. Its faith that keeps me moving forward. Faith did that. God did that. No one or nothing else... all God.

03 Feb 2019
03 Feb 19
Delaney Feb 2019
here stands a skeleton
of a girl who’s heart is all she
has left and in her aching,
that heart’s last beat will
be for a love only found
up above.

-turns out only one person can save me
Glen Brady Nov 2018
How Lord, I tease me at the thought,
That might and flowers fade away;
That time no less eternally sprung,
Comes less than day's beginning.

O Lord, how eyes do lose their force,
How hands draw near their springs,
The mouth gaps dumbly at it's craw,
The soul at it's winging.

Were no where riches that be sought,
True riches come where least defined.
The mind, it's well draws rebirthing water,
The spirit is clothed, but confesses lack.

How like a star my joy is past,
How my feet their homeward stray,
My words hold less than I would speak,
My purpose less than that intended.

Dear Lord, my ministry is laughter,
My love your hand without the gate;
No less a crown than kind caresses,
No greater glory than your seal.

                         Glen Brady
Stephanie Sep 2018
without any further words that deceives
this girl I talk about just simply wished she's dead
hatred, blames and pain are all she receives
from this wicked world of sinners embedded
though she tried to weep and then fight back
life's much stronger than her little tormented hopes
then she felt that all she is, is nothing but a setback
days of agony will pass until beyond her scopes
this girl is not a girl of smiles anymore
she is a lost soul enclose in the anatomy of a pretty lady
in her heart, pure sadness and anger are in store
like a sunshine that used to glow, but sooner became hazy

No, I didn't suicide; thank God this is now a testimony of His glory
Lost but found; for I met Jesus that made this a happy ending story
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