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Théa Mar 2021
People are scared of things

One is the

I used to be afraid of the dark- so I got a nightlight
And yet that didn't help
I started sleeping with the blinds open AND the nightlight
Still- I was afraid
So I started sleeping with all the lights on
And I wasn't sleeping

I'm not afraid of the dark surrounding me
Enveloping me
That darkness- its a hug

This darkness- its the darkness inside of me
I'm scared of the darkness inside of me...
Théa Mar 2021
Something to torture you
Bringing you to your knees
The pain is addicting
Théa Mar 2021
I want to cry
I want to scream
I want to cave in
I want to give up
I want to stay home
I want to do so many things...
But I don't
I keep my head up
I keep going
I keep living
I keep telling myself
"I will survive"
I will be strong
Théa Mar 2021
You with your sweet talk
You with your stupid smile
You with your hugs when I needed them
You with your net of words, ensnaring me
Théa Mar 2021
Watching you walk away from me-
Shaking and collapsing-
Begging you to come back-
This is death- this is killing me
Théa Mar 2021
Not noticed
Walked by
Left alone
See through
Théa Mar 2021
You told me that you loved me
You told me that I was loved
You told me that you would always be there
You told me I was beautiful
You told me I was strong
You told me that you were mine
I'm alone
I'm abandoned
I'm lonely
I'm staring into the mirror with tears streaming down my face
I'm begging myself to hold on
I'm watching you living the life with everyone else
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