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Shannon Spivey May 2020
When I remember you
I think of footsteps in the hall
The sound of cutlery on glass
And the way you'd answer calls
When I remember you
I think of your coffee cup
Your filthy silver car
And your short sleeve button ups
When I remember you
I see your eyes crease when you smile
The redness of your cheeks
Your weekly coordinated style
When I remember you
I think of what could have been
If we had another chance
Would we walk away again?
Shannon Spivey Feb 2020
I saw him in the corner
The place you used to sit
My ghost of unrequited love
And he's become a surrogate
His eyes burned into me
They're the same shade of blue
He haunts me in these hallways
In the same way you used to
When I smile at him
It's you that's on my mind
A tangible replacement
To the one who left me behind
All you had to do was kiss me
Then you left me distracted
And this torch burns for you
But it's him I've attracted
Shannon Spivey Oct 2019
I’m tallying the days
How many more
Until I see you again
But I don’t know what I’m counting for
I wrote you a note
I hid it in plain sight
It’s been waiting for awhile
Hidden away from the light
I know you led me on
Before you saw my left hand
Many months have passed
And these feelings still stand
I never saw your ring
I guess that’s no excuse
I’m about to be married
But your eyes made me an offer my heart could not refuse
Shannon Spivey Sep 2019
What are we doing
I don’t even know
Why can’t I
Just let these feelings go
We’ve stayed innocent
But for how long
Next time we’re alone
What if things move along
That’s not what we want
But I don’t know if that’s true
There’s ideas in my head
That want to be pursued
But I can’t give in
There’s too much to lose
So I'm hopelessly in lust
With nothing I can do
"You shall not commit adultery."

Shannon Spivey Sep 2019
I can’t read these signs
Were they ever there
You won’t look me in the eyes
But why do I care
It’s my mind and my heart
They’re tearing me in two
I’m about to be married
Yet my heart skips for you
I know this isn’t easy
These feelings are confusing
But your come and go attitude
Is feeling abusing
So here we are now
Let’s bring this to the end
And happily ever after
We were never even friends
Shannon Spivey Sep 2019
I thought you knew
Or maybe you do not
Your quiet composure
Penetrated my thoughts
We had a moment
And time slowed down
A second of eye contact
Has me turned around
Your smile says it all
And that glimmer in your eye
Maybe you don’t know
But if you asked I’d lie
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